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What do I need to consider when travelling with a child?

To ensure that you and your child have a smooth travel experience, please take the following things into account:

  • Finnair has baby baskets on all intercontinental flights. Baby baskets are recommended for infants not older than 6 months. In order to use a baby basket, please reserve a seat suitable for cot/bassinet through Manage booking. You can also reserve the seat through our Customer service or a travel agency. Seats are chargeable. Our cabin personnel will give you the baby basket and help you install it after you have boarded the plane.
  • Child's baggage allowance includes one piece of baggage weighing a maximum of 23 kg (except for Economy Light). A folding pushchair and a safety seat can also be carried free of charge.
  • When travelling with the ticket type Economy Light, infants and children do not have baggage allowance, but a folding pushchair and safety seat may be transported free of charge. If needed, checked baggage can be added separately for a fee.
  • Safety seats may be taken into the cabin, space and safety regulations permitting. Read more.
  • If the pushchair including its wheels, which need to be clean form dirt, is within the size and weight of a carry-on bag, it may be carried as part of your carry-on allowance. In this case the pushchair is counted as one piece of carry-on baggage and in addition to it you may bring only a small personal item into the cabin (handbag or small laptop bag), which has to be placed under the seat in front of you. Please see our Carry-on baggage page for more information on sizes.
  • Other children's pushchairs are carried in the hold of the aircraft, along with all other checked baggage. At the check-in desk in Helsinki airport there are thin plastic bags to protect your baby's pushchair.
  • In most airports there are pushchairs you can borrow to move from the check-in to the gate.
  • Depending on your destination country, you are required to provide passport or other travel document for the child travelling with you.
  • You can take milk and food for your baby through security and on board. Food and milk must be in original, unopened packages. There are no microwave ovens in the aircraft.
  • You can order a special children's meal for children over 2 years when you book your flight tickets or later through Manage booking. Meals are available in all our intercontinental flights. Sky Bistro that replaces the complimentary cold snack service on European flights, also has a special menu for children.

Note : If your baby is not born yet, make the reservation for you and contact our customer service after the baby is born.

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