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Congestion expected at Helsinki Airport during the summer season

During the summer and holiday season, the number of customers at Helsinki Airport increases and congestion is expected from time to time. In this article, you’ll find some tips on how to make your travel smoother.

Before travel

  • You can do the check-in in advance to avoid queues at the airport. Advance check-in starts 36 hours before the flight departure either online on or with Finnair App. You can download the Finnair App (iOS or Android) here.
  • If you are travelling with extra baggage, you can pay the extra fee via Manage booking on the previous day.
  • You can also bring your baggage to the airport already in the previous evening. Baggage can be dropped off between 6 pm and 9.30 pm. One family member may hand in the baggage for the whole family, provided that he or she can show all tickets and travel documents.
  • If you are travelling with your family, check our family travel pages for tips to prepare for your journey.

On the day of departure

  • Please allow some extra time when arriving to the airport, because there may be queues for the check-in, bag drop and security check.
  • Please note that the parking arrangements at Helsinki Airport have changed. Parking halls P1 and P2 are closed. Parking halls P3 and P5 and outside parking area P4 are at your service.
  • Due to the holiday season and ongoing renovations at Helsinki Airport, traffic in front of the airport is congested from time to time. To avoid congestion, you can only stop briefly in front of the terminal to drop someone off. The new place for dropping passengers off at Terminal 2 is on the arrivals level. If you want to accompany someone to the terminal or pick someone up from the airport, please use the short-term parking in P3.
  • Utilizing public transport or Finnair City Bus is an option to make arriving at the airport smoother.

Allowed baggage

  • The baggage allowance is marked on your ticket, e.g. 1 PC means that you are allowed to check in one bag max. 23 kg free of charge. The fee for carrying sports equipment depends on the baggage allowance of your ticket as well as how much other baggage you’re taking with you. Read more about travelling with sports equipment here.
  • Due to the limited space onboard the aircraft and to ensure maximum legroom for your journey, consider taking only the most necessary carry-on baggage with you into the cabin.

For further information, we are happy to help you via Twitter @FinnairHelps, through our Facebook pages and via chat on You can also call Finnair Customer Service.

You can check Finnair Passenger Rights here.

We wish you a lovely holiday season!

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