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Cancelled flights to/from China

Due to impacts on air travel to and from China from coronavirus, Finnair has decided to cancel the flights to/from mainland China for a certain period: Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing Daxing, Nanjing and Guangzhou routes. Please read more for further information.

The health and wellbeing of customers and personnel is a top priority for Finnair. Following a thorough analysis of all currently available information on the coronavirus and its impacts on air travel to and from China, Finnair has decided to cancel the flights to/from mainland China as follows:

  • Beijing and Shanghai routes between 6–29 February 2020
  • Beijing Daxing, Nanjing and Guangzhou routes between 6 February–29 March

Our Hong Kong flights operate normally.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this situation may cause you and do our best to minimise the effects to you. 

If you have a booking on any of the disrupted flights, we’ll contact you personally via SMS and/or e-mail. Please go to Manage booking or Finnair App and check that we have your current contact information so that we can reach you in a case of disruption. 

You can choose from the following options if your flight is cancelled:

  • You can change your ticket so that the flight is before 6 February 2020.
  • You can postpone your trip so that the return flight is latest 31 May 31 2020. 
  • We do our best to re-route you to your destination. 
  • You can apply for a full refund for the unused part of your flight ticket and the purchased travel extras. Apply for refund.

If you wish to make changes to your flights and choose a later date for your travel, if there is availability, please contact Finnair Customer Service or your travel agency. We are at your service also on Twitter @FinnairHelps, in our Facebook pages and via chat on We are sorry that our customer service is congested. 

You can check your passenger rights here.

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