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These five features make your travel planning easy and inspiring is designed to make your travel planning as easy as possible. It is the best place to find your perfect destination, check out the right time to travel and get the most affordable deals. Here are five ways to make the most of when planning your next trip.

Finnair's Digital Product Manager Emmi Sallinen is one of the people making sure that is always serving you, our customers, in the best way. Taking care of that is no small task with a huge number of country sites. There are 56 local sites, so the team is looking after the global customers’ needs.

The site is also always evolving according to customer feedback. “We both add and remove features based on the valuable feedback we get. We hope that customers find what they have asked for. It's also worth pointing out that we offer an optimised experience whether you are using the site on your desktop or mobile,” Sallinen says.

Many of the site's features are designed to make your travel planning experience simple and fun. Here are five features Sallinen recommends you try when deciding on your next trip.

1. Find your ideal destination

The Destinations page is an excellent place to start if you are still unsure where to travel. It shows you Finnair destinations organised according to geographic area. The listing shows the best price for each destination, so you can easily find one to match your budget. You can even filter the destinations according to country or continent for example.

In case you are looking to book a hotel with your flights the destination listing also shows you prices for package deals. If you click on a deal, you are directed to the Aurinkomatkat site where you can choose your perfect holiday package. 

“During spring 2024, we are also introducing many new features to the Destinations page. You can soon for example change your origin-destination, filter by budget, or search only for direct flights,” Sallinen explains. 

2. See what's trending

You might also want some inspiration and see where everyone else is heading right now. On our main page, the Trending now list updates all the time based on real customer searches. If you want to follow the trends, you can choose your destination from this list. 

Even on the Trending now list you can see the prices for flights and flights+hotel packages to make booking simple. 

3. Choose the right time and get the best price

Once you have decided where you are going, click on your destination of choice. This takes you to a destination main page, that always shows you the best flight price available. If there is a price campaign for your destination, that is clearly shown on the page too. 

When you click on the departure date you will see a flight calendar, showing the best prices for each day and each month. The lowest price days are highlighted, so they are easy to pick. If there are no flights to your chosen destinations at certain times, that is also shown on the calendar. 

“ and our mobile app are always where you get the cheapest flight prices. It is worth booking directly with us,” Sallinen says. 

4. Check the route timetables

Sometimes you might want to quickly check flight times or the number of flights to a specific destination. On our Route timetable page, you can do this effortlessly. In the route timetable calendar, you can see the number of daily flights for each destination. Clicking on the day will show you all the exact flight times. 

This page helps you get an overview of all flights without going through the booking process. But if you do want to book, you can do that on the same page too. 

5. Pick your perfect cabin

The new Finnair long-haul cabins have sparked a lot of interest since they were introduced in 2022. For many, the opportunity to try the renewed Business Class or the all-new Premium Economy cabins is a big part of the trip. 

If you want to get a sneak peek of what the cabins offer, go to our Experience the new Finnair page where you’ll find a lot of information as well as inspiration. There is even a 3D simulation where you can try the cabin out virtually, look around the cabin and even play music or change the cabin lighting. If you decide you need to try this in real life, the same page shows you which flights offer these cabins.

“This is a great page if you want to get into the new sensation of flying in advance and figure out if this is something for you,” Sallinen concludes.

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