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Order a VAT receipt

A VAT receipt is a document with company information for tax and accounting purposes. It is not a travel document.

You can request a VAT receipt two days after booking a Finnair flight ticket (the first three digits of the ticket number must be 105). The VAT receipt is not available if the ticket has been refunded or changed. If you purchased the ticket from another airline or from a travel agent, please contact them for the receipt.

  • If there are multiple passengers with the same family name, please fill in the family name and the e-ticket number to get the desired receipt.
  • The VAT receipt does not show whether Avios, a Finnair gift card or a discount code were used to purchase the ticket.
  • If you need a receipt of a booking that is no longer active and you don't need it with VAT information, fill in your own details instead of the company details.
  • If you need a separate e-ticket receipt of an active booking, you can order it through Order your e-ticket receipt form.

If the receipt doesn't open, ensure you have enabled pop-ups in your browser and try again.

Booking details

Enter a family name and either of the two: booking reference or an e-ticket number.
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