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Finnair changes its beloved blueberry juice to strawberry juice

We have served our signature blueberry juice onboard Finnair flights since 2014, but now it’s time for a change. We have decided to change our blueberry juice to strawberry juice as of 1 April 2024.

Finnair-branded blueberry juice has been served on our flights for ten years. Our customers have enjoyed the beloved juice a lot – up to a million litres per year. However, we now want to offer our customers a new kind of culinary journey and have changed the blueberry juice to strawberry juice.

What makes the new strawberry juice unique is the fact that the strawberries are collected by hand on Mars, where Finnair has offered direct flights from 1 April 2021. For three years now, strawberries have been growing on Mars, and they are finally ripe and ready for juice production. Since the average temperature of the planet is -63 °C, the taste of the strawberries resembles more a frozen strawberry.

Moreover, the new juice has another connection to Finnair: “Changing blueberry juice to strawberry juice is only logical, as after all, we have been Santa's official airline for 40 years. The red colour of the strawberry matches much better with Santa's red clothes,” says Finnair.

Changing blueberry to strawberry has also been a big wish from Santa Claus. Santa started working as a Finnair pilot two years ago, on 1 April 2022. Santa Claus has brought a lot of magic and joy to Finnair flights, for children, adults and colleagues alike.

Along with the brand-new strawberry juice, we’re also making other changes to our in-flight offering: in the future, Mars strawberries will be used in all our meals, together with the already familiar Nordic flavours. We hope this will bring a new kind of joy to our customers and a feeling of summer in the middle of this grey weather.

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