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Updates in services onboard Finnair flights starting on 19 April

Finnair updates its in-flight services on all flights on 19 April 2023. We will make some changes to the complimentary food and beverage service in Business Class on European flights and in all travel classes on long-haul flights. Also, the onboard menu available for purchase is updated with some new options.

“Changes in our in-flight services are part of the many actions we are taking to restore Finnair’s profitability,” explains Eerika Enne, Head of In-flight Customer Experience at Finnair. “On long-haul flights, the main service in all travel classes is a filling meal, but the second service is lighter, either a light meal or a snack depending on the route and the flight time. On the shortest long-haul flights, New York and Dubai, there is no second meal service in Economy Class, but snacks and drinks are available for purchase from the onboard menu.”

“On European flights, Business Class meal service depends on the route, like before. The salads served on some flights will be replaced with a hot meal. In Economy Class, we continue to serve complimentary water and blueberry juice. You can purchase drinks and snacks from the onboard menu and pre-order meals before the flight,” adds Eerika Enne.

We will update the onboard menu available for purchase with some new options, like cheese risotto.

Service on long-haul flights

“The service on our long-haul flights depends on the travel class, route, and flight time. Our menu highlights flavours from the Nordics and our destinations, and we use local ingredients from Finland and our network,” says Eerika Enne. “For special diets, it is important to inform us in advance via Manage booking,” she reminds.

In Business Class on long-haul flights, you’ll enjoy two meal services. We serve a delicious main meal designed by our chefs, and the second service is a light meal or, on the shortest routes, a snack. Depending on the flight schedule, the main meal is either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Dinner comes with two starters, a main course with three options, cheese, and dessert. On late-night departures, the first service is a lighter one and we serve the main meal before landing, which allows everyone to maximise the rest time. A wide selection of drinks is available throughout the flight. For long-haul flights departing from Helsinki, you can pre-select your main course in Manage booking and help us manage food waste in this way. You can see the Business Class menus on flights departing from Helsinki on Finnair.com.

In Premium Economy Class, you’ll enjoy casual dining with two meal services: a main meal and a light meal or snack, depending on the route, as the second service. The main meal comes with a starter, a hot main course with two options, and a dessert. Complimentary beverages excluding sparkling wine, are included throughout the flight.

In our long-haul Economy Class, you can enjoy one or two meal services depending on the route. On all long-haul flights, we serve a set meal service with beverages, including a complimentary glass of wine or beer. On longer flights, we also serve a light meal or a snack later. On our New York and Dubai routes, there is no second service, but you can purchase drinks and snacks from the onboard menu – or you can also bring your own snacks with you. Granola bars, crackers, or cookies are handy because they don’t take up much space or need cold storage and can be carried through security.

We provide blankets for our Economy Class customers on long-haul flights, but pillows are no longer available. Many customers already travel with their own travel pillow, and on long-haul flights, the neck rest supports your head.

Service on European flights

In Business Class on European flights, the meal service depends on the route. Please remember to inform us about special diets in advance via Manage booking. On short flights, we offer you a sandwich with a selection of beverages. On longer flights, we provide a hot main meal, something sweet and beverages. Champagne is replaced by sparkling wine.

On European flights, we offer complimentary water and blueberry juice in Economy Class. You can pre-order meals for most European flights via Finnair app – and purchase snacks and drinks from the onboard menu.

There is no meal service on very short flights, as the short flight time does not allow it.

Summer menus will be available from 19 April 2023 onwards

The menus on Finnair flights rotate 2-3 times a year, and the meals to be served depend, for example, on the departure station. On 19 April, we switch to summer menus. 

“Our summer menus have been inspired by the Finnish food culture and fresh summer flavours. In Business Class meals, you can taste seasonal flavours, such as fish, herbs, and potato in various forms,” says Juha Stenholm from Finnair Kitchen.

The Business Class menu on long-haul flights includes produce from Nordic small producers, such as cheeses by Herkkujuustola and Kappelin Juustola.

Our cabin crew will tell you more about the service on your flight or you can visit our Meals pages to learn more. Read more about service on flights to Madrid and Barcelona operated by Iberia and service on flights to Bergen, Tromsø and Trondheim operated by Widerøe.

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