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Four things that make people living in Finland happy

We asked Finnair employees living in Finland to share their favourite things about their home country. Not surprisingly, many of the answers were related to the surrounding nature as well as the Finnish society that people perceive to be safe and full of possibilities.

Welcome to Finland – a country in northern Europe with a relatively small population, 5.5 million inhabitants.  Despite being remote and sparsely populated, there are many things worth seeing and to be proud of. Read our own employees’ favourite things in Finland. 

Always nearby nature

When it comes to people having a home in Finland, nature is seen as one of the most valuable things in people’s lives. Wherever you are, nature is always either right there or very close by and easily accessible. Everyman's rights ensure that everyone has the freedom to roam, breathe in nature’s beauty and the freshest air, and swim in the fresh waters.

“Sure, you can find breathtaking views and nature from elsewhere too. But here you can take one step from your door, and you are already in so fresh and clean nature and able to enjoy the perks of the everyman’s rights,” states one Finnair employee.

With four stunning seasons, Finns can truly make the most of nature’s diversity and variability. Our winters are dark – in fact, the sun doesn’t even rise for almost two months in Lapland. In a contrast, each year late spring or early summer you are suddenly surrounded by bright colours and plenty of daylight. You’ll be amazed by Finland’s summers and the miraculous white nights.

Autumn is the time for the incredible autumn foliage, and again in the winter, all the snowy activities await, including Finn’s favourite way to wake up their body and clear their mind: ice-swimming in the freezing cold water.

Safe and steady environment to live in

Safety, free high-quality education, equal opportunities, public healthcare, and freedom. Along with the surrounding nature, finnairians also highly value the Finnish society. Safety is seen as one of the most important aspects of it. Finns feel safe to walk alone at night when it's dark, and parents are comfortable letting their kids walk to school by themselves.

Highly valued is also the free education that ensures equal opportunities for kids growing up regardless of their family’s economic backgrounds, along with free public healthcare. The simplicity and easiness of life are also mentioned, in forms of e.g., public transportation and high quality of infrastructure – many things “just work”.

The very Finnish things

Finnairians favour also the ”typical Finnish things”, such as the Finnish sauna and swimming in natural waters as a way to relax. Also enjoying the low population density and peace and quiet is seen as very important. There might be jokes about the Finnish preference to have lots of personal space, but Finns just truly enjoy it.

Quality food with fresh ingredients is something Finns are cheerful about as well, and the old favourites such as the traditional salmon soup or salty liquorish are worth a try. One thing that Finns certainly enjoy is a cup of coffee, or in fact, multiple cups of them throughout the day. Did you know that Finns are actually the heaviest coffee drinkers in the whole world?

Trustworthy and friendly people

The last popular thing that finnairians mention is the fellow people living in Finland who they perceive very warm and welcoming. Respect, honesty, and trust are the basis of people’s values, with also good sense of humour. While Finns can be modest and quiet, they are also ready to help and give you space when you need it.

What is your favourite thing about Finland? We listed here more reasons to visit.

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