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At the airport with children

In this page, you can find useful information and links about check-in, security control, airport services and boarding at Helsinki Airport.

Family check-in

Our airport services are designed to make your journey even smoother and more hassle-free when travelling with small children. For check-in at Helsinki Airport, you are welcome to use our Special Assistance desk. We hope that our Moomin Magic tickets and Moomin baggage tags for your children make their travel even more magical and fun! You can also use one of the many self-service check-in kiosks at the airport.

Security control

All family members need to go through security control at the airport. Plushies and other toys must also pass through the security check, and it is good to let the children know about this in advance. Baby food will go through a security check. Please remember to remove food from carry-on baggage for inspection and present it to the security officer. 

There is a separate security control lane for families at Helsinki Airport Terminal 2.

Airport services for families

Helsinki Airport offers pushchairs you can borrow to move from the check-in area to your gate. There are also play areas for children and separate restrooms with changing stations for families with babies. Versatile shopping opportunities including Moomin Shops in Schengen and Non-Schengen areas and Moomin Coffee café in Non-Schengen area are also definitely kids’ favourites.

If you wish to have a hassle-free moment with your family before your flight, you can stop at Finnair lounge to enjoy the stylish, peaceful surroundings and buffet of food and drinks. The lounges at your service in both Schengen and Non-Schengen side of Helsinki Airport are designed also for families and children. You can purchase lounge access for off-peak hours already in advance in Manage booking.

Purchase lounge access


We encourage you to be at the departure gate a bit before boarding starts to avoid hassle. Families with small children are often boarded among the first passengers. All family members need to show their boarding passes at the gate. Boarding is done either through a jet bridge or by bus.

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