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Finnair Economy Class

We will introduce changes to our in-flight services starting 19 April. Read more
Our refreshed Economy Class cabin will gradually become available on our long-haul flights during 2022–2023.

Convenience and comfort, wrapped up in one neat package in Finnair Economy Class. We are here to make your flight pleasant all the way from takeoff to landing. Just sit back, relax, and read more about the comforts we offer in Finnair Economy Class.

You can see all Economy Class benefits on our ticket types page.

Our Economy Class is a Nordic classic

With Finnair Economy Class, you get everything you need for an enjoyable flight, and even more. In addition to the comfortable and roomy seat and the pleasant atmosphere of the aircraft, we will offer you our signature blueberry juice and water during the flight.

To make your travel even more comfortable, you can reserve a seat with extra legroom conveniently through Manage booking.

Tasty meals and beverages

To thoroughly enjoy your flight and enjoy your arrival at your destination to the fullest, you must remain energetic and refreshed. This is why we offer you refreshing drinks and delicious meals and snacks on board to keep you comfortable for the entire duration of your flight.

When flying in Finnair Economy Class on long-haul routes, you will receive a generous hot meal accompanied by a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. We will also serve complimentary wine or beer with your meal if you wish. It even gets better, on most of our flights, we serve a complimentary light meal or breakfast with non-alcoholic drinks before landing.

You can also treat yourself to snacks and drinks from the Nordic Kitchen onboard menu. 

We take sustainability as one of our core values and are working towards more sustainable catering. We carry only one menu option onboard our long-haul flights in Economy Class in order to minimize food waste.

Meals on long-haul flights

On our Economy Class short-haul flights, we serve you complimentary blueberry juice and water. You can pre-order a sandwich or a tasty hot meal from the Nordic Kitchen selection, or mix & match your favourite tastes with our onboard menu.

Read more about pre-order meals See the onboard selection

Entertainment and working on board

Finding ways to keep yourself busy for the entire duration of your flight is not a struggle on Finnair flights. We offer multiple different entertainment and working options on board. With our entertainment system, you can watch films, TV shows and play games, from take off to landing. With our on-board internet connection, you can now easily finish off work tasks or browse the internet on your device

During your flight in Finnair Economy Class, there are multiple ways to keep yourself entertained. In the refreshed long-haul cabin, you can enjoy our renewed personal in-flight entertainment system and larger, 11"–12” screen with a wide selection of movies, TV shows and games available on demand.

On-board internet connection is available on all our long-haul flights. In Economy Class, you can purchase full internet access for one hour, three hours or for the whole flight. Finnair Plus Gold members can enjoy complimentary internet access for one hour. For Finnair Plus Platinum members, the service is complimentary for the whole flight.

Order treats Learn more about our in-flight entertainment Buy internet access in advance

Dive into your favourite book, take a nap or play with your phone or tablet – there are plenty of ways to relax in Finnair Economy Class. There’s also a personal copy of our in-flight magazine Blue Wings in the seat pocket for you to read. On our selected flights you can even surf on board on your devices by purchasing internet access. 

Shop online and on board

With Finnair, you can shop near the airport, during your flight, or online from the comfort of your own home. Find the best deals on tax-free products and enjoy special Finnair Plus offers.

In Finnair Shop you can pre-order tax-free products for your flight online, conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Make your purchases, and they will be delivered to your seat on board the aircraft directly, safely packed and without any additional costs.

At the Helsinki Airport area, you can visit the Finnair Sky Shop to have a look at our wide selection of products.

In the Nordic Sky portal on board selected flights, you can shop from our wide variety of tax-free cosmetics, beverages, confectionery and more. Make your purchase on your first flight, and your products will be waiting for you on your return flight.

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Smooth connections via Helsinki Airport

When flying with Finnair, you get the full advantages of transfer-friendly Helsinki Airport. The renewed Terminal 2 with its spacious arrival and departure halls together with our schedules designed for short connection times, easy navigation throughout the airport and the possibility to purchase access to high-quality Finnair Lounges, we make your travel as smooth as possible.

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