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Due to coronavirus, we are currently unable to process tax-free pre-orders for our flights. Health and safety measures

Shopping with Finnair

Discover your shopping opportunities with Finnair and start shopping top quality brands and exclusive offers!

Shop Online

Explore Finnair Shop for thousands of premium products and services, pre-order tax-free items directly to your seat or shop for Finnair shopping award vouchers. Finnair Plus members can enjoy special point offers and use their shopping award vouchers for purchases!

Finnair Shop

Shop during your flight

Enjoy shopping with Finnair above the clouds! Browse our pre-order selection via the Nordic Sky platform on your device or shop exclusive tax-free products onboard.

Shop onboard the Nordic way

Connect your smartphone or tablet to the Nordic Sky portal free of charge and start shopping from our extensive pre-order selection during your flight. The pre-order selection includes over 400 products – cosmetics, jewellery, sweets, iconic Nordic design items and more. You’ll enjoy Finnair Plus discounts and earn points for all your purchases.

Don’t forget that during your departure flight you can also make a pre-order for your return flight.

In-flight shopping

Make the most of your time on board and shop from our exclusive in-flight selection of products from cosmetics to accessories and gift items. All products are tax-free on flights to destinations outside the EU, and very competitively priced on flights in the EU.

You can use your Finnair Plus points during your flight or buy a shopping award voucher in advance with your Finnair Plus points and use it to pay for your purchases during the flight.

Payment methods for in-flight shopping

We accept different debit and credit cards. The options depend on aircraft connectivity and whether you pay to the cabin crew or through the Nordic Sky portal. Please see our Payment methods page for a detailed list.

Note that you can also use your Finnair Plus points during your flight if you have filled in your Finnair Plus number while booking your flight on Finnair channels. Then, all you need to do is to tell your Finnair Plus number or show your Finnair Plus card to the cabin crew on board.

We do not accept cash or Finnair flight gift cards onboard. Thank you for your understanding.

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