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Business Class menus on Finnair flights

Due to coronavirus, there are changes in our airport and inflight services.​ Onboard meal service

Our food philosophy emphasises fresh, crisp flavours and local produce to pamper your palate with the finest Nordic delicacies. On long haul flights in Business class we serve you two hot meals with beverages.

Menus for flights from Helsinki are currently not available due to frequent changes. Our flight crew will be happy to share the menus with you onboard. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please find Business class menus for flights to Helsinki below. Some menu changes may occur. For flights departing later, please check the menus closer to your flight date.

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Flights to Helsinki during spring 2021

Departure city and flight number

Flight menu

From Bangkok – AY142, AY144


From Hong Kong – AY100, AY102


From Nanjing – AY106


From Seoul – AY042


From Shanghai – AY088


From Singapore – AY132


From Tokyo Narita – AY072, AY074


We reserve the right to any changes.

Meals designed for you

Flights from Helsinki to Asia and North America

If you’re flying on an intercontinental Finnair Business Class flight departing from Helsinki, you have the additional option of pre-ordering one of our three ‘Meals designed for you’ options as your main course. 

Please note that orders must be placed latest 24 hours before departure. It is not possible to combine special dietary requirements with these meal options.

Wellness and Energy

The healthy Wellness and Energy options are made with fresh, natural ingredients. This healthy, tasty option often incorporates Asian flavours and ingredients.

Current menu: honey and sesame marinated fried tofu with red rice, almonds and Brussels sprouts.

Food Lover's Treat

If you’d like to sample bratwurst or hearty stews, then Food Lover’s Treat is for you. This option is satisfying and full of flavour – a true treat.

Current menu: Grilled whitefish with carrot puree, asparagus, poached spinach and zucchini.

Chef's Gourmet

Chef’s Gourmet meals will satisfy even the most discerning of foodies. With this option, you can enjoy carefully crafted meals, centred on such delicacies as succulent reindeer tenderloin.

Current menu: overcooked reindeer entrecote, barley risotto, porcini, roasted artichoke and thyme sauce.

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