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Finnair flight gift card

Please note that Finnair flight gift cards are currently not available for purchase.

If you have received a Finnair flight gift card, the following terms and conditions apply to the use of it.

  • You can use the Finnair flight gift card to purchase flight tickets on and the Finnair app.
  • You cannot use the Finnair flight gift card for award bookings or bookings paid with money and Avios, travel extras (you can pay the travel extras using other accepted payment methods), or purchases onboard the flight.
  • When you have received regulatory compensation in the form of a gift card, you can also convert that gift card to cash using this form.
    • When we give compensation as a gift card, we add 50% to its original monetary value. For example, if your compensation is €100, you will receive a €150 gift card. If you convert the gift card, you will receive the original compensation (in this example, that is €100) without the extra value.
  • You will receive a gift card number along with the PIN code which you need to insert into the designated field during payment.
  • Finnair flight gift card is valid for one year from the issue date. You should make the payment before the expiration date marked on the gift card. Travel date can be later (max 360 days from the day of the purchase).
    • If your gift card has expired, it's not possible to convert it to cash instead.
  • You can use one gift card per booking. It’s not possible to combine gift cards.
  • If the value of your gift card is not enough to cover the full fare, you can pay the rest using other accepted payment methods, for example, a credit card.
  • If the value of your purchase is less than the value on your gift card,  you can use the rest for your next purchase during the validity of the gift card.
  • If you have used your gift card partially, it's not possible to convert the remaining amount to cash.
  • We issue gift cards in euros. If you are departing from a country that does not use the euro as its currency, please choose any eurozone country as a location, and the booking will be priced in euros.
  • Finnair gift card is not personal, so you can give it to someone else or purchase flights for others as well.
  • If the value is refunded to a gift card from a booking and the gift card is no longer valid, the validity is extended by a maximum of three months from the day of refund.
  • Unused vouchers or a part of them are not converted to gift cards.
  • Finnair is not responsible for lost gift cards.
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