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Did you know these ways to use Avios?

Welcome to the new era of Finnair Plus. Our new loyalty currency is called Avios. It is your passport to an exciting selection of different kinds of awards and products. 

As a Finnair Plus member you collect Avios every time you fly with Finnair or with our partner airlines. In addition, you collect Avios with our partners on the ground, bookings with partner hotels, car rentals and using Finnair Visa Credit card (available in Finland). If needed, you can buy more Avios from Finnair Shop.

The more Avios you collect, the more possibilities it opens to you. You can use Avios as your holiday fund or to treat yourself within your everyday life by paying for numerous products and services with Avios instead of money.

We listed here ways to make the most of your Avios. 

1. Unlock your dream destination

Your Avios can fly you around the world – explore new destinations, visit family and friends, or embark on that dream getaway. As a Finnair Plus member, you can buy award flights, which are paid with Avios.

With Finnair Classic award flights, you can, for example, fly from Helsinki to Copenhagen in Economy Class with 6,500 Avios, and from Tokyo to Helsinki in Economy Class with 30,000 Avios. It is good to know that on top of the Avios charge, we collect an additional surcharge depending on the route. Booking Finnair award flights is easy: just choose “Award flights” from the booking engine on our front page at Finnair.com and start booking.

With our extensive partner network, you can explore even more destinations as you can use Avios also for an award ticket for partner airlines like American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Japan Airlines, and Qatar Airways. You can read more about award flights with partners and see the Avios charges

2. Add comfort to your travels

Avios enables you to enjoy your journey to the fullest as you can use your Avios on our wide selection of travel extras. With Avios, you can pick out your favourite seat, unwind at Finnair Lounges or purchase an internet package with a member price to mention a few.

Extreme travel comfort with premium service – did you know that you can elevate your travel experience to new heights by using your Avios on travel class upgrades? Upgrades are available only for scheduled flights operated by Finnair and when the original ticket is issued by Finnair. The prices are fixed and depend on your travel destination and travel class.

For example, a travel class upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class for Helsinki–Vienna flight costs 9,000 Avios, and upgrade from Economy Class to Premium Economy in Helsinki–New York route 17,000 Avios. It’s good to note that there are a limited number of available upgrades on each flight. 

3. Enjoy our onboard offering

Craving something sweet or savoury during your flight? You can also use your Avios for delicious snacks and beverages from our Nordic Kitchen Onboard menu. For example, a cup of our quality coffee costs 600 Avios. You can take a look at the Economy Class Onboard menu selection for our domestic and European flights here.

If you’d like a meal for your flight, you can easily pre-order one for most of our Economy Class flights within Europe and pay for it with your Avios. 

4. Experiences on the ground

How would it sound like to explore the over 350 Finnish museums, spend quality time with audiobooks, dine in some of the best restaurants in Finland, discover ski resorts in the north or unbend and treat yourself with a hotel night from international hotel chains to design hotels?

All these experiences and numerous more are available for you with Avios as you can buy award vouchers for services within our wide partner network. When purchasing our partner’s service, you can choose whether you’d like to use Avios or a combination of Avios and money. You can find the whole selection of services and products at Finnair Shop.

5. Donate Avios to charity

Avios can also be used to help those in need. You can, for example, donate your Avios to support UNICEF’S emergency work for children or contribute and help protect the future of the unique Finnish nature with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Along with UNICEF and Finnish Association for Nature Conservation you can donate your Avios to The Finnish Red Cross, CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation, Cancer Foundation: Pink Ribbon and The Association of Friends of the University Children’s hospitals.

You can donate your Avios to a charity of your choice in Finnair Shop. The minimum donation is 500 Avios. 

6. Transfer Avios or exchange Avios for tier points

Do you want to help someone else to top up their Avios balance? That is possible as you can transfer your Avios to other people, or alternatively purchase Avios to our close ones online at Finnair Shop.

Or are you in need of some extra tier points to stay in your current membership tier or to move up to the next tier? As a Finnair Plus member, you can exchange 3 Avios for 1 tier point with a minimum exchange of 500 tier points. The maximum amount of tier points available for exchange is based on your current tier at the time of the exchange. You can read more about these services here.

Remember that your Avios does not expire as long as you have one transaction every 18 months. We of course recommend having more of them to get the most benefit out of our program.

In case you are not yet a Finnair Plus member, you can join here.

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