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Finnair flies directly from Helsinki to Wrocław Nicolaus Copernicus Airport 7 times a week. The flight time is approximately 2 hours. You can get conveniently to the city centre by bus or continue your journey to other parts of Poland. 

Wrocław – a unique city with a picturesque riverside and quirky sculptures 

Nestled in the heart of Poland, Wrocław is known for its colourful architecture and idyllic sceneries of the Oder River, with over a hundred bridges and many islands. Some even refer to it as ‘the Venice of Poland’. With a history dating back over a thousand years, the streets display a tapestry of different cultures, influences and eras. The lively atmosphere is sure to captivate your heart, whether you’re going for a romantic city break or a family holiday.

Top things to do in Wrocław

Soak in the historic beauty 

Wrocław's old town was rebuilt after World War II. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts beautifully preserved Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings that line its quaint streets and squares. The iconic market square, Rynek, is the city’s beating heart, surrounded by vibrantly coloured houses, charming pubs and bustling market stalls.

Hop on a boat cruise 

Although Wrocław is a perfectly walkable city, another fun way to explore it from a different perspective is to take one of the numerous boat tours. Many start close to the city centre, sailing along the river towards the east and back. You can choose from swan boats to kayaks, SUP boards and even race boats.

Spot the gnomes 

In the 1980’s, the anti-communist movement used gnomes as their symbol. A decade after the end of the Soviet Union, the first gnome sculpture was put up in honour of the movement. Nowadays, you can find over 300 charming little gnomes sprinkled around the most imaginative places – hanging from lamp posts, peeking around street corners and sitting by the river.

Spend a day with animals

Looking for something to do with the whole family? Wrocław Zoo, dedicated to protecting endangered species, was opened in 1865 and is now home to over 1,000 species, making it one of the most diverse zoos in Europe. The majestic Centennial Hall, Hala Stulecia, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the stunning Japanese Garden are located just across the street.

Currency in Poland – złoty (zł)

Tipping is a matter of personal preference if the service is good and not obligatory.

Time zone in Wrocław (Poland) – UTC/GMT +1 hour.

The climate in Wrocław is moderately continental with cold weather in the winter months (around 0°C/32°F) and warm in the summertime (around 19.7°C/67°F with an average humidity of 70%).

Water – the public tap water is safe to drink. 

Wrocław Nicolaus Copernicus Airport (WRO)

Finnair flies from Helsinki to Wrocław from 1 April 2024 onwards.

The airport is located 10km west of Wrocław. 

  • You can get conveniently to the city centre by bus in 45 minutes or by car in 30 minutes. 
  • Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times. 

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