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4. Redeeming and using awards
4.1 General
All Finnair Plus flight awards are ordered from the Finnair Plus Service Center or through the channels provided by it. The award can be redeemed using only Finnair Plus points or a combination of points and money. Information about the number of points needed for a certain award is available on the Internet or from the Finnair Plus Service Center. Certain awards can only be redeemed online. Please note: all awards redeemed from a Finnair Junior Plus account must be redeemed at the Service Center. The equivalent number of points is deducted from the account when the award is booked. Awards cannot be converted into cash nor can two overlapping awards be taken. Lost, stolen, or unused tickets or award vouchers are not credited or redeemed. Finnair Plus Service Center has the right to charge a customer retroactively for an award if the member does not have the required amount of points to pay for it. The charge for the award is determined by its current regular price. A service fee will also be collected.
An award can be given to a close relative or to a person belonging to the same household. His/her name must be provided when the award is reserved. Members wishing to allow a proxy to use their account must provide the Finnair Plus Service Center with written authorization.
Finnair and its partners are entitled in the manner they see fit to determine what kinds of awards are granted to members at any given time. Finnair and its partners are hereby entitled to restrict the number of awards or to refrain from granting awards during a specified period.
Award bookings should be made at least 7 days and at most 360 days before the planned date of use. If a ticket is delivered to a member by mail, the minimum delivery time in Finland is 7 days and abroad 10–30 days.Finnair reserves the right to refuse to accept orders that are made less than seven (7) days before the date of use. More detailed rules regarding booking and purchasing are available from the Finnair Plus Service Center.
Members themselves pay airport taxes, passenger charges, service fees and other payments set by Finnair or the authorities. Members are responsible for all taxes and like payments (including VAT) in accordance with current legislation. Finnair is not liable to members for any taxes or other costs. Taxes are not refunded if the award trip was cancelled after the ticket was redeemed. Finnair is not liable for any taxes or other costs that may be incurred by member. Members are themselves responsible for obtaining visas and other official documents.
The value of award flights or other Finnair Plus offers cannot be determined by comparing them with flights, overnights at hotels, or other such service for which normal prices are charged. The price of a flight ticket varies according to when and where it is purchased and the type of ticket in question. The same also applies to other awards. The value of award trips is also restricted by the fact that they are less available than tickets at normal fares and subject to booking restrictions. The terms for purchasing of tickets are stated separately.
4.7 Cancellation of awards
With respect to an award granted by one of Finnair’s partners, the cancellation terms of the partner in question or the general terms for package tours are observed. These terms stipulate what payments a member cancelling an award must make as a consequence of the cancellation, and whether certain payments made by the member (for example airport taxes and passenger charges) will be refunded to him/her in connection with cancellation. If a member cancels an award before using it, Finnair returns the points deducted for the unused award on presentation of a voucher or other like document. If a voucher (for example a hotel voucher) valid for a fixed period is presented, Finnair does not, however, return the points, even though the voucher was not used. With respect to flight awards, section 4.11 and the cancellation terms of the airline in question are applied.
4.8 Flight awards
Flight awards can be redeemed for the scheduled flights of Finnair or Finnair Plus partners. There are a restricted number of seats in the passenger class required for award flights. Award flights cannot be booked at certain specified times or on certain specified routes. Finnair and its partners are entitled to restrict the number of flight awards granted as they see fit. Information about such restrictions is available from the Internet and the Finnair Plus Service Center. Members are not therefore entitled by their points to a seat on a certain scheduled flight. If the flight is operated together with some other airline, awards are granted only from the seat quotas of airlines participating in the Finnair Plus program. Tickets for flight awards can be redeemed only at separately designated Finnair offices. Flight awards cannot be redeemed for Finnair charter flights with Finnair Plus points.
There must be a confirmed seat for all legs of an award flight. Awards redeemed on scheduled flights cannot be combined with any other fare type or discount fare nor be used in partial payment of any other fee, however, with the exceptions referred to in section 4.12.
All award flights are round-trip flights and must return to the departure location (with the exception of one-way award flights). Returning from a different destination is possible (exceptions are made by individual airlines), although the number of points deducted for the award will always be based on the higher sector. Trips cannot be interrupted at stopovers and must instead be continued to the destination on the next available flight (awards granted by oneworld™ airlines in accordance with the oneworld award table are an exception). However, one stopover is allowed on intercontinental flights. Round-trip award flights cannot be made during the same day. Award tickets for scheduled flights are valid for 12 months from the date of booking and the return flight must always be made within this period.
The points from unused flight awards (flights of Finnair and Finnair Plus partners) are returned to the member’s account providing that the journey was cancelled before the ticket was redeemed and the Finnair Plus Service Center was notified of the cancellation at the latest by the weekday preceding the journey. If the journey is cancelled after the ticket has been redeemed, but before the beginning of the journey, the points are returned to the member’s account in exchange for the unused ticket. The member is charged a cancellation fee of €50 per ticket or the equivalent sum in another currency. The residual part, i.e. taxes and passenger fees, is returned. If a change is made to the journey after the ticket has already been issued, the member is charged a fee of €50 or the equivalent sum in another currency as well as the taxes and passenger fees incurred due to the change. With Classic awards, it’s possible to make changes to the return flight for a change fee of €50 per passenger. Changes must be made at least one day before the original return flight and re-routing is not permitted. Changes are only possible to award flights operated by Finnair. If the member does not cancel the flight (no-show), points will not be returned. A Finnair flight award ticket is valid only on the airline for which it has been issued.
4.12 Upgrade awards on Finnair flights
Upgrades can be made only on scheduled Finnair flights (an AY aircraft and the AY code on the ticket). The member must have a confirmed Economy Class booking and a redeemed flight ticket to which the Finnair Plus Service Center can attach the award. Upgrade awards can only be given for tickets issued at published fares. The restrictions for the original Economy Class ticket are valid regardless of the upgrade. In case of rerouting, the rules for the booking class of the original ticket are observed and travelling takes place in Economy Class. Although seats are restricted in number, Finnair attempts to confirm the flights in the manner desired unless bookings on the flight prevent this. Upgrade awards can be used to advance only one travel class at a time. It is not possible to use an upgrade award on certain separately designated Finnair flights. Finnair is entitled to set restrictions on upgrade awards and to make changes in these restrictions as it sees fit. Information on restrictions is available on the Internet and from the Finnair Plus Service Center.
4.13 Other awards
The voucher for the award must be ordered online through the Plus Partners service ( The validity and any other restrictions related to the award are shown on the document sent to members via email. Vouchers for Priority Club Rewards must be ordered four (4) weeks prior to the intended use.
Reservations are made by members themselves directly with the reservation center of the partner of their choice. When making a reservation, members must state that it is for a Finnair Plus award. The original award voucher must be presented when using the award.
4.15 Car rental awards
Awards are available on the terms set by each car rental company. Any fuel, additional insurance, and other expenses are paid by renters themselves. Cars must always be returned to the location from which they were rented. Normal car rental requirements such as age, driver’s license, and credit-worthiness (an international credit card) must be met for award rentals.
Vouchers are issued in the name of the actual driver, whose name should also be on the rental agreement. No changes can be made in the vouchers, except by the Finnair Plus Service Center or the car rental company in question.
4.17 Overnight awards in hotels
Hotels participating in the Finnair Plus program reserve the right to restrict the number of award overnights by region or hotel, to charge more than one award voucher per night per room, and to set other terms and restrictions on the use of an award. The Priority Club Rewards sets the point requirements for its own awards.
5. Termination or alteration of the Finnair Plus program, termination of membership
Finnair may at any time terminate the Finnair Plus program or replace it with another program by notifying members of this in writing at least six (6) months before such termination. Points remain valid for six (6) months beginning on the date of notification; hereafter all points are cancelled. Finnair is not obliged in any way to make compensation for any unused points or awards.
Finnair is entitled at any time to discontinue the membership of any member without the member having given due cause therefor by informing the member in question six (6) months before termination of membership. The points of the member remain valid for six (6) months beginning on the date of notification; hereafter all points are cancelled. Finnair is not obliged in any way to make compensation for any unused points or awards.
Finnair is entitled at any time to discontinue the membership of a member when the member has given due cause therefor. Moreover, Finnair is entitled in such cases to cancel the points of a member without advance notification. In such cases, Finnair notifies the member in writing of the discontinuation of membership, of the reason for the discontinuation, and of the cancellation of points. The above-mentioned due causes given by a member include any breach of the rules presented herein or the falsification, alteration, sale, or unauthorized transfer to another person of documents such as flight tickets or vouchers entitling a member to awards.
Members are entitled to discontinue membership at any time by notifying the Finnair Plus Service Center of this in writing. Finnair cancels the points of the member after receiving notification. Membership ends on the death of a member.
Finnair is entitled at any time and at its discretion to make changes in the Finnair Plus program, the Finnair Plus rules, and the awards granted to members (including changes in partners, point collection, points accumulated, numbers of points required for awards, granting of flight awards and restrictions concerning them, the procedure for redemption of awards, and the validity of points). Such changes take effect immediately and without advance notice, unless specified otherwise by Finnair. Finnair notifies members of changes via the Finnair Plus Internet pages. Notification of changes is also made in the Finnair Plus News and like publications if such notification is current at the time of publication. Finnair does its best to keep customers up-to-date on the services of the Finnair Plus program. Members can find the latest current information on the Internet or from the Service Center. Members approve any change by continuing to use their Finnair Plus cards. If a member does not approve the changes made, he/she is entitled to discontinue membership in accordance with section 5.4. Finnair is not liable for losses caused by the changes made (including loss of points, loss of benefits, or deterioration of benefits) nor is Finnair obliged to make compensation for these losses in any other way.
Finnair is entitled to discontinue the Finnair Plus membership of a customer by removing his/her personal details and membership number from the Finnair Plus membership register in case no transactions have been registered on member 's account during the last three (3) years and consequently no valid Finnair Plus points exist.
Customers can rejoin the Finnair Plus program by filling in a Finnair Plus membership application.
6. Other terms
Finnair is not liable for any loss related to membership in the Finnair Plus program or to a member unless Finnair has caused such loss deliberately or through gross neglect.
Efforts will be made to resolve all unclarity resulting from the operation of the program in a spirit of good will between Finnair and members. Finnish law will be applied with regard to the Finnair Plus program and any disputes will be resolved in a lower court of law in Finland.
Numerous Finnair partners participate in the service of the Finnair Plus program. In addition to information concerning the Finnair Plus program distributed via Finnair Plus customer mail, marketing material from Finnair and its partners may also be provided to members. Finnair may turn over personal data on members to its partners for purpose of direct marketing by them. Finnair Plus partners may thereby also use the information in the Finnair Plus customer register for their own direct marketing. Partners do not transfer customer information to third parties. Members are entitled to forbid transfer of their personal data to Finnair’s partners by notifying the Finnair Plus Service Center of this in writing.
Finnair is not liable for any misprints in these rules. The right to make changes is reserved.