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Conditions for bookings


A limited number of seats is available, and the number may change. The system offers the lowest available price for the requested flight, date and number of passengers.

Confirmed reservation

The reservation, including the price, is confirmed when the booking process is completed, and the customer has received their booking reference and electronic ticket.

The customer is obligated to provide valid credit card information and to make sure that the card has enough credit to pay for the total amount due. If not, the reservation shall be automatically cancelled.

Validity of flight tickets

Ticket is valid one year from the date of issue; or subject to the first travel occurring within one year from the date of issue, one year from the date of first travel under the ticket.

Flights must be used in the correct sequence. If the customer does not use a flight, all the remaining flights on the ticket will be automatically cancelled. A flight ticket is a personal document, and it can only be used by the person whose name is on it.

Finnair Plus award tickets for scheduled flights are valid for 12 months from the date of booking and the return flight must always be made within this period.

Changing or cancelling flight tickets

The selected ticket type determines the conditions for changes and cancellations.

Changing or cancelling Finnair Plus Award flights

If the change is made after tickets have already been issued, a change fee of €50 per ticket or the equivalent sum in another currency will be charged. In addition, the taxes and passenger fees incurred due to the change will be charged in full.

After departure, a Finnair Plus award flight ticket may be changed at the latest one day before the original return flight with a change fee of €50.

If the flight is cancelled over 24 hours before departure, points will be returned to the member’s account. Paid taxes, other passenger fees and expired points will not be returned. Partly unused flight tickets will not be refunded.

Conditions for travel extras

Travel extras are not transferable to any other passenger, and they are non-changeable and non-refundable unless Finnair has been unable to provide the service purchased.

Note: Seats may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft. If the seat changes, Finnair aims to seat customer in a similar seat.

Codeshare flights

If the flight is operated by Finnair’s partner airline, this airline’s rules for travel extras, special services and check-in apply. IATA standards of the Most Significant Marketing Carrier (MSMC) define which airline’s baggage regulations apply for the journey.

Customer’s right to cancel within 24 hours

If the purchase of a flight ticket or a travel extra was made seven days or more prior to the flight's scheduled departure time, the customer can cancel it within 24 hours without a refund fee by contacting Finnair Customer Service.

Authorities’ right of access to the booking information

The authorities of several countries, including all the EU Member States, Australia, Canada and the United Stated of America, have legal access to the information in all passenger bookings for flights to, from and via the country in question.

The authorities use the booking information for the prevention of terrorism and other serious crime. Finnair will only disclose the booking information to a government that has the legal right to receive the information and only when the itinerary includes flights to, from or via the country in question.

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