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Use points on Finnair award flights

Using points for Any Seat bookings or travel extras is not possible at the moment as we are improving the booking process. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Your Finnair Plus award points can fly you around the world, as you can use points to purchase award flights. Use your points to pay for Finnair flights or flights with our partner airlines. For Finnair flights, you can pay for the award flight using points only with a Classic award flight, or with a combination of points and money with an Any Seat reservation.

Finnair Classic award flights

Finnair award flights are a great way to make use of your award points. You can buy Finnair Classic award flights to Finnair flights (flight numbers marked with an AY code) that are operated by Finnair or Norra.

The price of the award flight in points depends on your destination, travel class and whether you purchase return or one-way flights. One checked baggage and seat reservation for a standard seat are included in the ticket. 

How to book a Finnair Classic award flight

  1. Choose Award flights from the booking engine on our front page.
  2. Log in to your Finnair Plus account.
  3. Choose your destination and dates and proceed with your booking.
Book Finnair award flight

Point charges for Finnair Classic award flights

The prices in the table below are for online reservations and valid from 4 May 2021 onwards. Please note that if you purchase your Finnair Classic award flights through our customer service, there is an extra charge of 500 points for one-way flights and 1,000 points for return flights.


Economy Class ticket / Return

Economy Class ticket / One way

Business Class ticket / Return

Business Class ticket / One way

Flights within Northern Europe*





Flights within Europe**





Flights to/from Asia and North America





*Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Gdansk, Krakow, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Reykjavik, Riga, Tallinn, Tartu, Tromso, Visby, Vilnius, Warsaw and all flights within Finland. Please note there is no Business Class on flights within Finland.
**incl. Tel Aviv and Dubai.

Terms and conditions for Finnair Classic award flights

  • Return flights must depart from and return to the same city. This does not apply to one-way award flights.
  • The point cost of an award flight is for one person only.
  • The point costs in the table above apply when you make the purchase online. If you purchase your Finnair Classic award flights through our customer service, there is an extra charge of 500 points for one-way flights and 1,000 points for return flights.
  • Awards are only valid for Finnair flights (restrictions apply to code-share flights).
  • The customer is liable to pay all passenger fees and taxes relating to award flights.
  • Connections for award flights are always booked for the first possible flight. No stopovers are permitted.
  • The outgoing and return flights of a return award ticket may not be on the same day.
  • Customer can make changes with certain restrictions for the award flights.
  • One stopover is permitted on long-haul flights.
  • If the customer travels in multiple travel classes during an award journey, the cost of that award will be calculated based on the highest travel class.
  • The corresponding number of points will be debited from the account when an award booking is made.
  • Awards may not be exchanged for money, nor may any two overlapping awards be taken together.
  • No compensation or refund will be paid for lost, stolen or unused tickets or vouchers.
  • The number of seats available with award flight booking classes is limited.
  • It is not possible to book awards for certain times and routes.

For more information about purchasing and using award flights, please see Finnair Plus rules.

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