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Travel guide – Gothenburg

Established almost 400 years ago, this lovely Swedish seaside city is now the second biggest in Sweden. Full of historic sights and things to see and do, it’s a worthwhile destination for anyone looking for a change from the capital. The Finnair travel guide to Gothenburg will help you get the most out of this Swedish gem.

It’s easy to see Gothenburg’s rich history when you gaze up at the imposing stone fortress Skansen Kronan. Formerly a military installation it now houses a lovely cafe. Continuing the theme we come to the historic wooden district of Haga where centuries-old wooden homes are still used today. 

Oscar Fredrik Church is a clear landmark in the city with its beautiful spire and classic styling. In the heart of the city you also cannot miss the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. Moving onto museums there are many to choose from: the Göteborg Konstmuseum houses a large collection of both domestic and international art while the Volvo Museum tells you everything you ever needed to know about this very Swedish marque. Back outside enjoy an ice cream in the sun at the Guest Harbour or head to the Slottsskogen to unwind with locals under a shady tree. 

waterside city-tour around the city’s canals is also a must for visitors in Gothenburg. If you’re looking for more action, the Liseberg amusement park with its head-spinning rides and carousels is the place to go. Afterwards you can enjoy one of the year-round famous events at the Scandinavium Arena.

Archipelago – Set sail into the city’s surrounding archipelago and enjoy the sea breeze on one of the hundreds of islands waiting to be explored.

Älvsborgs fortress – Originally built to stand guard against seaborne attack this stout stone castle sits on an island off the coast and makes an interesting day trip.

Marstrand – A boat­lover’s paradise, head here to get into anything water­related with the famously nautical Swedes. Busy days on the water are replaced by lively nightlife.

Shopping options, while somewhat limited, are at least as good as elsewhere in Sweden. The usual department stores can be found along with high­ 

street chain stores and Swedish design boutiques.

Nordstan – The city’s largest and main shopping centre housing hundreds of stores. Most well­-known brands can be found here along with a variety of services.

NK – The well-known Swedish department store can be found in the centre of town, this is the place to shop for high-­end fashion and upper­-tier brands.

Saluhallen market hall – All manner of gourmet treats and local produce are on offer here as well as local handicrafts and clothing.

Swedish cuisine is unique and features a variety of themes including meats, seafood and pastries. The Fish Church is a must for all shrimp lovers, and there are also several Michelin restaurants for true culinary enthusiasts.

Swedish meatballs – Probably Sweden’s most famous gourmet export, these hearty spiced meatballs are usually served on mashed potatoes with lingonberry jam.

Pickled herring – Not to everyone’s taste, this fishy dish is served with side garnishes of salad and onion and is a real favourite amongst Swedes.

Coffee – Swedes love coffee and it is an integral part of everyday life. Coffee culture is booming in Gothenburg and you can find many coffee shops spread about town offering all sorts of varieties.

Kanelbulle – A cinnamon­flavoured treat made of coiled and baked pastry.

Salmon – Served in a variety of styles including graved and smoked, salmon is a strong feature of many Swedish dishes and a must­try.

Smörgåstårta – Sandwich cake where bread and creamy fillings are layered. The shrimp version is very traditional.

Akvavit – Enjoyed with a good meal, this strong clear liquor cleans the palate and helps with digestion.

Gothenburg’s transportation network is efficient and easy to use. Prices are generally reasonable and multi­-day tickets are available for those staying longer in town

By foot – Gothenburg is easily navigable by foot with many areas dedicated to pedestrian traffic. Many important sights are within walking distance of the centre.

Ferry – Shuttling passengers between the city and surround areas and the archipelago the ferry is a good option for getting out onto the water and getting around.

Tram – If you need to travel longer distances, trams are a good option. While not extending far past the city centre they can take you to most places of interest to visitors.

Taxi – Taxis are abundant and reliable. Beware of illegal taxis operating at nighttime and only take a cab from a reputable company.

Currency – Swedish Kronor (SEK)

Electricity – 230 volts, 50Hz, European type ­C plug.

Tips – Not expected.

Payment/card – Cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Time zone – Gothenburg (Sweden) UTC/GMT +1 hour

Water – Safe to drink.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT)

The airport is located 23km east of Gothenburg.

  • Check-in opens 2 hours before departure
  • Check-in closes 45 minutes before departure

Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times.

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