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Photo tour: Finnair’s new Business Class cabin explored

We have been hard at work creating an incredible new elevated long-haul experience, with a fully redesigned long-haul cabin set to roll out across our entire Airbus A350 and A330 fleet throughout 2022 and 2023.

In our new Business Class, you’ll find the very best in premium Nordic design, from the incredible new Finnair exclusive Collins Aerospace AirLounge seat to a transformative new design language that ties together our new Finnair Lounges  and departure hall at Helsinki Airport. There are also Marimekko designed textiles and Iittala chinaware, created by leading Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. It’s all about bringing together the very best that Finland has to offer.

A seat like no other

Built in partnership with Collins Aerospace, the AirLounge seat means Finnair Business Class immediately stands out from the crowd. 

“The key difference with our new seat is that it's a fixed shell, a fixed space living seat that allows us to open up more space,” says David Kondo, Senior Manager, Customer Experience and Design Strategy. “With most business class seats out there, basically you get a linear recline that really limits the positions you can get into. Think of our new seat more like furniture or a sofa rather than an aircraft seat.”

This approach, with a clear influence from the finest Nordic furniture design, means that you can sit in the AirLounge seat in dozens of different ways, all of which maximize comfort, whether relaxing, working or sleeping.

“There are a lot of positions and ways that you can use our seat that you can't with other seats,” says Kondo. “Even simple things like crossing your legs, sitting cross legged or sitting on a flat surface upright are quite difficult to do in a traditional business class seat.”

The new design also affords maximum privacy and comfort, with the option to lie flat on a proper mattress and a second pillow to provide lumbar support when sitting up and working.

“We have two pillows with the seat, one designed for lumbar support, so you can sit fully upright and work traditionally. There’s also a table that's flexible and swivels and moves into different positions,” says Kondo.

Stowage has also been updated. Now there is a home for all of the things you need for your journey right where you need them. All the compartments have been certified for taxi, takeoff and landing so once you get settled and stash your belongings, you're set for your journey.

“As well as onboard internet connection, we also have all sorts of power built into the seat. We have USB A and C, a wireless phone charger and PC power. So there is everything there to be able to work in your seat if you want to.”

Classic Finnish design

The new look Finnair long-haul experience showcases the very best in simple, Nordic design. That’s especially true in Business Class, where we have teamed up with iconic Finnish brands Marimekko and Iittala. We have updated our menu, based on the best Nordic ingredients and utilizing the Japanese expertise found in Finnair Kitchen, and serve it on Iittala chinaware, designed by Harri Koskinen. Koskinen is one of Finland and Scandinavia’s leading designers, the recipient of the prestigious Compasso d’Oro in 2005. His work, from beautiful chairs to a specially crafted sauna pail, is beloved by style and design enthusiasts.

“Our Nordic roots are our heritage,” explains Eerika Enne, Head of Inflight Customer Experience, Finnair. “It's visible in the Nordic design and the look and feel across the new cabin and our collaborations with Iittala and Marimekko.”

“The Iittala chinaware range also helps the spectacular new Nordic menu stand out,” says Maarit Keränen, Head of inflight food and beverage concept, Finnair. “The combination of our new, bistro-style dishes with the round shapes and the wonderful design of the chinaware feels a lot more calm. We have simplified in a very classy, elegant way.”

Meanwhile, the textiles in Business Class are made by Marimekko, a continuation of a long partnership with Finnair. The entire design is focused on making Finnair’s Business Class cabin a mile high take on Finland’s coolest spaces.

Cutting edge entertainment

Beyond design, the new in-flight entertainment (IFE) system features a huge, 18-inch display, with the very latest movies and TV shows on demand to keep you enthralled throughout your journey. It’s not just about what’s available to watch, though.

We have renewed the whole IFE experience with a new and unique user experience that has been visually updated. It’s now even more responsive and shows you all the relevant information about your trip. But that’s not all.

“We really thought a lot about the lighting and the mood that we're trying to create in the cabin. So, the IFE system has a much darker aesthetic than what it used to be,” says David Kondo. “This,” he adds, “means that you won’t see brighter, white displays when turning on your IFE at night, making for a calmer all round experience.”

This amazing new Business Class package is the sharpest way to get back to travel and explore Finnair’s growing number of routes across Asia and North America.

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