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Japan – a destination like no other

Japan is the land of contrasts. You can experience everything from futuristic cities to charming villages, historical temples and modern museums. Not to mention the food culture that UNESCO has listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Whether you love food, culture, history, nature, art or architecture, we guarantee you an unforgettable travel experience in Japan. Pick your destination and book your flights now!

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Three must eats in Japan

Japanese food is known and loved all over the world, especially sushi and ramen. But Japanese food is much more than that. In fact, Japanese food culture is so special that it has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. For many foodies, Japan is really high on the bucket list. Tokyo is the city in the world with most Michelin restaurants.

Sublime sushi experience

Sushi is undoubtedly the most well-known type of Japanese food. Ginza SUSHI AOKI is an internationally renowned sushi bar where Chef Aoki creates traditional Edomae-style dishes with fresh seafood.

Ramen, the ultimate comfort food

The noodle soup ramen is one of Japan's most popular comfort foods and can be found on every street corner. There are four different types of ramen based on different types of broth: miso, shio, shoyu and tonkotsu.

Buddhist cuisine

A shojin ryori meal, typical for Buddhist monks, is centred around soy-based ingredients, seasonal vegetables and wild mountain plants. They are believed to bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

Three unique hiking routes in Japan

Almost no matter where you spend your holiday in Japan, you are close to a mountain. There are numerous hiking routes to choose from, from pleasant walks to more challenging climbs for hikers and mountaineers. A hike is an ideal opportunity to experience new sides of Japan with waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and breathtaking views.

Iconic pilgrimage route article

Yoshino-Kumano National Park on the Kii mountain range has several holy sites and pilgrimage routes known as Kumano Kodo. You can also experience Japan's highest waterfall, Nachi Falls.

Mountaineering and stargazing

The Chubusangaku National Park offers stunning trails in dramatic landscapes for day trips or several days of hiking. If you'd rather explore the area with a guide, you can go on stargazing trips when the darkness falls.

Cycling and walking near Tokyo

Just a two-hour train ride from Tokyo lies Nikko National Park. Hiking or cycling in the park will take you past lakes and waterfalls, and one of Japan's best-known shrines, the Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Three cultural experiences in Japan

On a trip to Japan, you can get up close to Japanese culture and the country's proud traditions.

Meet a geisha

The Furumachi district in the city of Niigata is one of the best geisha districts in Japan. You can see geishas performing their traditional music and dance or get served a cup of traditional Japanese matcha tea.

Relax in an onsen

Pay a visit to a traditional onsen to bathe in pools and enjoy water and its healing properties from natural hot springs. In public bathhouses, sentos, the bathing facilities use normal tap water.

Stay at a Japanese guesthouse

A ryokan is a Japanese inn often located next to hot springs. There are different types of ryokans, from more traditional to modern, but you will surely find special tatami mats, futon mattresses and yukata robes.

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