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Dear customer,

We apologise for the disruption in your travel plans due to overbooking or delayed baggage.

Compensation policy

Finnair flight gift card

We always offer regulatory compensations issued at airports as a Finnair flight gift card.

When we give compensation as a gift card, we add 50% to its original monetary value. For example, if your compensation is €100, you will receive a €150 gift card. You can convert the gift card to cash, but you will receive the original compensation sum without the extra 50% value.

If you want to convert your gift card to money, please use this form.

See the terms and conditions for the flight gift card.

Avios compensation

Avios will be added to your Finnair Plus account within 3 working days. Avios do not affect your Finnair Plus tier.

More information

For further information please read the Finnair Notice on Passenger Rights

In case of any issues with your compensation, please contact us at

Any other comments or feedback

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