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New experiences await in Malaga and Alicante

Malaga and Alicante draw travellers in with great weather all year round. Many see Spain as their second home and keep returning year after year, visiting their favourite beaches, restaurants, and shops. If you however feel like you would like to see something new this time, check out all that is fresh around these sunny destinations this year.

Try something different for dinner

Despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions new bars and restaurants have been popping up along the coast. In Malaga you could try Dynamit, a restaurant hosted by a Swedish couple offering high quality classic European cooking. The cozy place has been receiving rave reviews for its lovely atmosphere and staff, as well as creative cooking since opening last year.

Also in Malaga you will find Kala Guadalmar. This pretty beach side restaurant opened this year and has a great terrace where you can enjoy your food and drinks. It serves high quality seafood and has an extensive cocktail list. It even hosts regular live music events if you want to make more of a night of it.

For more of a fine dining experience reserve a table at Espacio Montoro in Alicante. Its creative menu, excellent wine pairings and atmospheric space see visitors from around Europe. The food is a combination of the traditional with the very modern, and the aesthetic presentation is on a very high level. 

What's new in coffee

In Alicante you can now give the lesser-known Venezuelan flavors a go. Sabolé is a coffee shop and bar that serves traditional Southern American delicacies such as the cornmeal pancakes arepas- The menu has a lot of smallish snacks for when you are a bit peckish and many options of desserts and sweet treats from milkshakes to waffles. 

If you are craving something sweet in Malaga head out to La Berlinaria. It is a thoroughly enticing donut shop serving innovative, over the top baked goods. You could try a combination of white chocolate and raspberry or a coconutty Bounty flavor. There is even good Italian coffee and cocktails to wash your treats down with. 

Get your blood pumping

Want to work off all the new food you just tried? You are in luck! Try out some of the new more active experiences available and get fit while holidaying.

Bike tours have been gaining momentum everywhere and Malaga is no different. One of the favorite biking destinations right now is the nature reserve of Montes de Malaga that offers lovely views, good variation of the terrain and great pit stop opportunities. It might sound like something only the extremely fit do, but you could choose an e-bike tour and make it a bit easier for yourself.

If you feel like walking suits you could join a guided hike of Los Montes de Malaga. It makes a change to the very popular Caminito del Rey and offers different scenery. The tours are also slightly shorter, about four hours instead of the full day hikes of the Caminito del Rey. 

In Alicante you could give beach yoga a go. The wonderful sandy beaches offer the perfect location to get in a good workout or just relax. Alicante Natural has outdoors classes that don't require committing to a full season, and there are even options where you can do yoga with your whole family! 

A little culture fix

The Russian Museum opened six years ago in Malaga and has recently renewed its permanent exhibition - so the museum is worth a revisit even if you've been there before. The collection now showcases the turbulent history of the country under the theme of War and Peace. It hosts a vast array of art and historical objects.

In Alicante plan a visit to the outdoors cinema of Cines Costa. To see the movie, you will be sitting under the starry sky so screening times are quite late. Also worth noting is that most movies are dubbed Spanish, although this is a great way to learn new words and get a very different, immersive cultural experience. 

Those who are interested in art in general, or Picasso in particular, should try the Paint your own Picasso course in Malaga. In two hours you will be getting an insight into the technique Picasso used and producing your very own painting in his style. The course is held close to the museum dedicated to the artist so you could combine an inspiration gathering visit with your painting class.  

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