Refund form

We currently have delays in the refund processing because of high refund application volumes due to Coronavirus.   
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

With the form below, you can apply for a refund of

  • an unused ticket
  • an unused flight segment
  • chargeable travel extra (e.g. seat or meal)

Please make sure that you have cancelled your reservation on the Manage booking page or through Finnair Customer care before applying for a refund. If you want to apply refund for several bookings, please note that you need to send a separate form for each booking.

The refundable amount depends on the ticket type. If you are entitled to a refund, it will be calculated according to the fare rules. If you want to know the exact amount before cancelling the ticket, please contact the Finnair Customer care.

If you have purchased a Finnair Cancellation Cover you can apply for a refund on the Finnair Cancellation Cover Claim page.

If you have already used your flight ticket or travel extra, you can apply for compensation or give feedback on the Feedback and claims page.

Please note that Finnair processes personal data for the purpose of handling the refund request. Kindly minimise sharing any additional personal information that is not mandatory for handling your refund request. See the Finnair Privacy policy

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