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Santa’s secret home under the magical Northern lights

Deep within the Finnish Lapland, near the Arctic Circle, lies the mystical Korvatunturi Fell, often referred to as the "Ear Mountain." This remarkable location boasts an ear-shaped rock formation, ingeniously crafted to resemble an elf's ear, complete with a colossal ear canal that can transmit whispers across the world.

Gnomes' Unique Routines

Throughout the year, the gnomes of Korvatunturi follow unique routines. Spring is dedicated to studying foreign languages, preparing to decode wish lists. The fall season is a hive of activity as gifts are meticulously prepared and all letters are answered.

Santa's Cosy Haven

Santa's home, nestled amidst the captivating landscape, warmly welcomes gnomes, forest animals, and friendly wanderers. It's a place of festivity, with Santa's favorite spot by the fireplace, where he peruses the Book of Names, a treasure of children's names shared by the gnomes. In Santa's house, doors of various sizes serve unique purposes, leading to destinations known only to Santa. The basement houses Santa's command center, with computers and monitors receiving messages from children worldwide.

Image by Santa Claus Foundation

Mrs. Santa's Culinary Delights

Mrs. Santa's realm lies beyond the grand living room, where she oversees the kitchen gnomes and prepares lavish feasts.

Homebound with Nature's Magic

Sometimes on longer journeys Santa lets his reindeers rest and travels with his official airline Finnair, but mostly Rudolf leads the way. As Christmas approaches, Santa's sleigh switches off the GPS, guided by Rudolf, the lead reindeer, and the northern lights. The Lappish Nature assists in bringing Santa and his reindeer home.

Image by Santa Claus Foundation

Korvatunturi Fell remains a place where the enchantment of Christmas comes alive year-round, a testament to the enduring magic of the holiday season. You can visit Santa year-round in Rovaniemi.

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