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Five useful features in the Finnair app that make preparing for your trip easy

If you haven't yet downloaded the Finnair app, make sure you do! The app has many great benefits that make preparing for your trip simple. Our Digital Channel Lead Ulla Mäki-Kahma lets us in on the five most important app features.

1. Handy booking and easy check-in

If you are signed into your Finnair app, making your flight booking is fast and easy. You can find all the same booking options on the app as on our website. The app will prefill all your relevant information, such as your contact info, saving your precious time. 

When it is time to check-in, the best place to do it is on the app. The check-in is easy to find, as it is the first thing you see on the app when you tap it open. Once you are done, you get your digital boarding pass directly to your mobile. Mobile check-in is a great way to cut time from your travel preparations as you don't need to keep your booking reference on hand, print out tickets, or stand and queue at the airport. 

“Our app users always tell us that mobile check-in is the single most important feature it has,” Mäki-Kahma points out. 

2. All information on hand always

If you made your booking on the app, or have added your booking in, all your flight information is always kept safe in the app. Whenever you need to check any information, such as your seat, gate or boarding time, simply open the app. No need to search for your booking reference or flight number. 

Finnair app will also keep you up to date on any changes or new information. If you enable push notifications on your phone, the updates will be shown on your phone automatically – without even opening the app. This means that in the middle of busy travel preparations you don't have to keep checking for new information. 

3. Any travel extras in one place

An important part of travel planning is choosing all your flight extras. Perhaps you would like to choose a special seat or add some baggage to your booking? Or maybe now is the time for a bit of extra comfort with a travel class upgrade? The app is also a great place to pick and purchase your meals in advance, making sure you get to enjoy your favourite flavours onboard. 

“This is one of the areas of the app that we love to develop and add to – in the future, there will be even more travel extras to choose from,” Mäki-Kahma says. 

4. Change of plans taken care of

Changing travel plans is sometimes inevitable. On the app you can make changes to your booking digitally, without queuing for customer service. If needed, you can also cancel your flight via the app. 

“When travel plans change, it is a major plus that you can manage your bookings yourself and without any delays.”

5. More for Finnair Plus customers

If you are a member of our Finnair Plus loyalty program, your key member services can be found on the app too. When you make your travel plans, you might want to check your Avios balance, or what purchases you have made previously. 

Of course, you always have your digital membership card with you on the app too. Make sure you use your card when making travel plans and enjoy the great benefits from us and our partners! 

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