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Baby on board! Your 10 questions about travelling with a baby answered

Flying with a baby for the first time can be unnerving and raise many questions. We gathered some answers to help you prepare for your trip with a child under two years old.

The age limit for Finnair flights is two days, as long as the baby is healthy. Please remember that your newborn needs to have a valid passport. If your baby isn’t born yet, you can first make a reservation for yourself and your travel party, and contact our customer service once the baby has been born.

1. Do I need to reserve a separate seat for my baby?

Infants (meaning children under two years old) travel sitting on your lap. An infant ticket costs 10% of the adult's ticket fare and you can add the baby’s details to your reservation when making your own reservation.

Before take-off, our cabin crew hands you a separate baby safety belt to use that you should attach to your own. The seat belt must be worn during take-off, landing and whenever the seatbelt sign is switched on.

If your baby is travelling on a child restraint device that can be fastened to the aircraft seat, you can also purchase a separate seat for them by contacting our customer service. The ticket price is then charged according to the child's ticket with child discount. On most of our ticket types, child tickets are 25% off the basic adult fare excluding fees and taxes.

2. Do babies have their own baggage allowance?

Infants without a reserved seat do not have their own carry-on baggage allowance, except for a foldable pushchair and a safety seat. If you have purchased an extra seat for your baby, the ticket includes the same baggage allowance for checked baggage as adults in the same travel class.

3. Is food included in the flight ticket for my baby?

We do not have any meal service for infants travelling sitting on your lap, so we recommend you pack enough baby food for your baby. You are allowed to bring milk and baby food through the security check into the cabin in its original, unopened packaging. On our long-haul flights, we also keep a few jars of baby food in reserve, but it’s good to note availability is limited.

If you reserve a separate seat for an infant and pay for a separate ticket, the ticket includes a meal on long-haul flights. On longer European flights, it is possible to buy a children's meal in Economy Class.

4. How much milk or other baby food can I bring on board? Is it allowed to bring frozen milk? 

If you are bringing milk packed in bottles, please check from the airport you are travelling from whether they allow those to go through security. At Helsinki Airport, you are allowed to bring enough breast milk in a bottle to reach your destination. 

At Helsinki Airport, baby food, liquids and electronics do not need to be taken out of the bag when going through security. Breastmilk can also be in frozen form.

5. Can I store the milk in a fridge on board? And is there a way to heat the baby food?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any possibility to store milk in a fridge on the aircraft; please bring a small cooler bag with you. There are no microwaves on board, but you may ask our cabin crew if they can heat your jar of baby food in some hot water.

6. Can I bring a breast pump on board?

You are allowed to bring a breast pump in your carry-on baggage, but it’s good to note that there is no separate room in the aircraft for you to use it. You are welcome to breastfeed your baby on board our flights.

7. Can I bring a foldable pushchair into the cabin? How about a safety seat? 

You can bring a foldable pushchair into the cabin if it doesn’t exceed the size and weight limits of your carry-on baggage. Please make sure that its wheels are clean of dirt. Safety seats may also be taken into the cabin, space and safety regulations permitting. You can find more specific safety requirements for your own infant seat on our family travel preparations page.

8. Can I use my own pushchair at the airport until check it in at the gate/boarding?

We recommend you check in your pushchair before going through security. At most airports, you can borrow a pushchair for moving from the check-in area to your gate. However, these pushchairs are not suitable for small babies that cannot sit up yet. Thus, we recommend that you bring a baby carrier for your infant.

9. How should I pack the pushchair or safety seat that goes into the baggage hold?

Please separate the pushchair into two parts if it can be disassembled. Pack the parts of the pushchair or the safety seat in plastic bags or use other forms of protection, so that they won’t break or get dirty. You’ll find thin plastic bags to protect your baby’s pushchair at check-in desks at Helsinki Airport, but it’s good to note that other airports might not offer them. Thus, it might be a good idea to save the bag and use it for your return flight as well.

Strollers, pushchairs and car seats are sent via a special baggage belt, which is a gentler route for your baggage.

10. Can I reserve a baby bassinet for my flight? 

We offer some baby bassinets onboard our long-haul flights. If you would like to have a baby bassinet on board, please purchase a seat suitable for a bassinet via Manage booking or in the Finnair app. If you have bought your flights or holiday package from a tour operator, you can still purchase your seat in Manage booking or the Finnair App.

After take-off, our cabin crew will provide you with the baby bassinet and help you install it. Please note that the inside length of the bassinet is 70cm (27.5in), and the baby using the bassinet cannot weigh more than 9kg (20lb). Baby bassinets are recommended for infants younger than 6 months.

You can find more information on our family travel pages or our frequently asked questions. We wish you a smooth journey!

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