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Manage booking

Manage your booking online

Access an overview of your trips by logging in to Manage booking and start managing all your travel needs conveniently.

Here are the things you can do in Manage booking:

  • Access flight booking 
  • See flight schedule
  • Check baggage allowance 
  • Update contact information 
  • Add emergency contact details
  • Check in online 
  • Pre-select your seat
  • Purchase extra baggage
  • Add Finnair Plus membership number to the booking
  • Order e-ticket receipt 
  • Change, rebook or cancel a flight 
  • Add the information required by authorities 

Travel extras for your trip

Tailor your flight experience by adding travel extras to your trip. You can pre-select a seat to secure your favourite place, purchase extra baggage, pre-order a nourishing meal, and purchase an internet access package to stay connected. Log in to book or see how to book the travel extras available for your flight.

Already a member?

If you are already a Finnair Plus member or a member of any of our oneworld partner airlines’ frequent flyer programs, make sure you have added your membership number to your booking to earn your points. Log in to the Manage booking now to add your membership number to your booking.