Developing sustainable products and processes | Finnair Italy

Sustainable products and processes

Sustainability is more than emissions. It is the key driver in decisions regarding all our operations, from product design to partnerships.

Among other efforts, this means reducing the use of single-use plastics, making use of materials that have good recycling qualities, and reducing waste from our operations.

For example, we use digital services to reduce the amount of printed material on board. Our food and beverage menu is built with sustainable choices such as more vegetarian options. Our cabin items are designed to be as light as possible utilising sustainable materials whenever possible. And, last but not least, we seek to reduce waste both onboard and in our own operations.

We communicate about our sustainability actions openly and invite you to make sustainable choices. This can mean travelling the shortest route between Europe and Asia via Helsinki with us, packing lighter, pre-ordering your meal, and tailoring your journey so that we can reduce all excess.

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