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Seat selection

Add some peace of mind to your flight by purchasing a seat in advance when booking your flight or later via Manage booking or the Finnair app. You may also purchase your seat by contacting your travel agent. If you have not purchased a seat in advance, we will assign you a seat during the check-in.

We do our best to offer seats next to each other for travellers on the same reservation, but please note that this is not always possible. By purchasing seats in advance, you can choose seats next to each other for you and your travel companion. 

Finnair Plus Silver members will benefit from a discount on seat selection. Gold members, Platinum members and Platinum Lumo members are entitled to a complimentary seat selection. Find out more about the Finnair Plus program
Prices may vary; you can see the exact prices when selecting your seat. 

Select your seat nowSeats on long-haul flights

Get to know the seat options available on our long-haul flights. You can also find these seats on selected short-haul flights operated with our Airbus A350 and A330 aircraft.

Seats on short-haul flights

Find out the different seat options we offer on our short-haul flights operated with our A320, A321, A319, Embraer and ATR aircraft.

Special cases

You can reserve a seat in advance for a flight operated and marketed by Finnair. If you are travelling on a flight operated by Finnair but your ticket has been issued by another airline, you can reserve your seat via Manage booking. Exception: if you have booked your flight through Qatar Airways, please contact them directly for seat reservations. 

If you are travelling on a flight operated by Finnair’s partner airline, the rules of this airline apply (including baggage policies, purchasing travel extras and special service requests).

Seats assigned during check-in

Once the check-in opens and you have not reserved a seat in advance, a seat is automatically assigned to you. You can purchase an available seat to your liking before checking in.

Online check-in opens 36 hours before departure and 24 hours before departure for flights to/from the United States. 

If you are travelling with children and you decide not to reserve seats in advance, our system will assign children under 12 to sit next to at least one adult on the same reservation. You can freely change seats among your travel party on the same reservation. If the system fails to find seats for the children next to a familiar adult, we will fix it in customer service, at the airport check-in or at the departure gate. 

A requested seat cannot be guaranteed, as it may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, for example if the aircraft type changes. In such cases, Finnair aims to provide the most suitable alternative.

Paid seats can be refunded if: 

  • Finnair cannot offer you the requested seat type or a suitable alternative. See further details below. 
  • You upgrade your travel class online. In this case, the paid seat will be refunded automatically, and you do not need to apply for a refund. 
  • You change your flight times in accordance with your fare rules. In this case, you need to purchase your seat again for the new flight and then apply for a refund of the cost of the seat reservation on the original flight. 
  • The seat reservation was made seven days or more prior to the flight's scheduled departure time and you cancel it within 24 hours from the purchase.

Paid seats will not be refunded if: 

  • You cancel the flight. 
  • You are not suitable to sit in the selected seat type, for example Exit row seat. 
  • You have selected a Standard or Preferred seat, and you are seated a maximum of five rows from the originally selected seat, and the position of the seat in relation to the window or aisle does not change. 
  • You change your initial paid seat or an alternative seat provided by Finnair yourself to a seat of the same or lower price, or to a seat in a different part of the cabin. The new seat you selected is considered a suitable alternative and is not eligible for a refund.
  • You have selected a Front Row seat or Extra Legroom seat, and you are seated in a different seat of the same type. 
  • Finnair moves you to a higher travel class or offers you a seat with a higher value.

if you are eligible for a refund, please fill in the refund form.

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