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How can I chat with Finnair Customer service?

You can get in touch with us through our live chat. Simply click the Chat button at the bottom right corner and fill in your name and email address.

The chatbot automatically offers you some topics first. When you click the topic you want to discuss, you will get questions to provide more details and/or instructions. You can also write your question in the chat. Please use short and clear words or sentences.

If the chatbot cannot help you, the conversation will be forwarded to a customer care agent depending on availability. They will continue the discussion with you. If the customer service is busy, you may have to queue. The queue can hold only a limited number of chats.

Please note:

Access to a visitor’s third-party cookies and browser session storage is required for the chat to operate.

  • Chrome: users must select the Allow all Cookies option.
  • iOS Safari: Block all Cookies option must be disabled.
  • Firefox: Enhanced Tracking Protection must be set to Standard.

You can’t chat across tabs when using Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, or iOS devices.

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