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Long-haul meals

A long flight gives you time to enjoy dining above the clouds. Savour elevated Business Class meals with a wide range of complimentary beverages. In Premium Economy, we serve quality meals with a selection of complimentary beverages. In Economy Class, you can enjoy our complimentary meal service and purchase various snacks and beverages to your liking.

Business Class

What is included?

Our elevated dining experience is always ready to delight our long-haul Business Class customers. You can enjoy two meal services: a delicious main meal designed by our chefs and a light meal or, on the shortest routes, a snack as the second service. Depending on the flight schedule, the main meal is either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dinner comes with two starters, a main course with three options, cheese and dessert. We will serve your meal with a wide selection of beverages.

You can pre-select your main course for long-haul flights departing from Helsinki via Manage booking. Please do it the latest 24 hours before your departure. By letting us know your choice in advance, you’ll help us minimise food waste.

If you have special dietary requirements, you can pre-select your meal from our special dietary options, and we will prepare it in advance for you to savour on board.

You can also enjoy the tasty snacks and drinks service throughout your long-haul flight in Business Class.

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Snack bars

On all our long-haul flights there is a snack bar on board for Business Class, so you can help yourself to light snacks and drinks between the meal services.

Premium Economy

What is included?

Enjoy the modern dining experience in our brand-new travel class, Premium Economy. You’ll enjoy two meal services: a high-quality meal as well as a lighter second meal or snack. The main meal has two main course options and it is served on chinaware created by Finnish design icon Iittala.

In addition to the meals, you can enjoy a complimentary selection of hot and cold beverages as well as alcoholic drinks (excluding sparkling wine) throughout the flight.

Sparkling wine and snacks are also available for purchase.

Economy Class

What is included?

We serve our long-haul Economy Class customers a complimentary hot meal along with a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and one complimentary glass of mild alcoholic beverage (excluding sparkling wine). On longer flights, you will also get a light meal or snack paired with non-alcoholic drinks right before landing. On the New York and Dubai routes, which have relatively short flight times, there is no second service, but you can purchase drinks and snacks from the onboard menu. 

It is good to know that we have only one menu available onboard in Economy Class for our long-haul flights to minimise food waste.

If you have special dietary requirements, you can pre-select your meal from our special diet options.

Special diets

Order a special meal

We provide a wide variety of special meals that meet different dietary needs. Please pre-select your special meal at least 24 hours before departure.

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