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Pets on Finnair flights

From 23 January 2023 onwards, pets can again travel in the hold of the aircraft on all our long-haul flights, also to and from Asia.​

Are you travelling with your pet? To make your travel smoother, we compiled a checklist and useful tips for you to prepare for your journey.

Checklist for travelling with a pet

  • Find out if it is allowed to travel with a pet to your destination.
  • Check if your pet can travel in the cabin or in the hold on the same flight with you or if it should travel separately as cargo.
  • Book your journey well in advance. Bookings for pets travelling in the hold of the aircraft must be made at least 7 days before departure. We do our best to confirm your pet booking within 2 days of making the reservation.
  • If you have already booked your tickets and decide to travel with your pet in the cabin, you can add your pet to your booking and pay the fee online via Manage booking.
  • Take care of the necessary documents and vaccinations for your pet.
  • Make sure you have a suitable carrier, box or container for your pet.
  • Prepare your pet for the flight. For example, familiarise it with the pet carrier or container already in advance.
  • Please check in for your flight at our check-in desk instead of using the self-service channels.

Can I travel to my destination with a pet?

Different countries have different regulations regarding travelling with pets. Some countries may have entry limitations for certain animals or breeds. We recommend that you find out the specific regulations for your destination from the nearest consulate or embassy.

When travelling to or via certain countries, you can only ship pets as cargo, meaning that your pet is not travelling with you. Such countries are, for example, Great Britain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Pets in the cabin or hold or shipped as cargo?

Small pets, including cats, small dogs, pet rabbits, tortoises and hedgehogs, can travel with you in the cabin on our flights, given that the total weight of the pet and the pet carrier does not exceed 8kg (17lb).

Bigger dogs and ferrets can travel in the hold on the same flight with you, if the combined weight of the pet and its pet carrier is max. 75kg (165lb) on Finnair-operated flights and max. 50kg (110lb) on Norra-operated flights

Please note that if your pet and its box weigh together over 50kg (110lb), the pet needs to be shipped as cargo.

If you are travelling with a puppy, it needs to be at least eight weeks old, weaned from its mother and able to eat on its own.

Dogs that are specifically trained to assist disabled passengers are carried free of charge in the cabin on all our flights. You can find further information about travelling with an assistance dog here

Please note that to/via some countries you can only ship pets as cargo. Also, rodents and more exotic pets, such as snakes, lizards, birds or insects, need to be shipped as cargo. All unaccompanied animals and animals brought by a third person from outside the EU are shipped as cargo as well.

Making a booking

We recommend booking your journey well in advance. We can usually accept two pets in the cabin and two in the hold for one flight. However, the aircraft type, whether in the destination or allergic passengers on the flight may limit the number of pets.

Please note that if we notice during check-in that the pet carrier is too small, we cannot accept your pet on the flight.

Different airlines have different policies for travelling with pets. If your ticket includes flights operated by other airlines, please check also their policies.

Pets in the cabin

If your pet can travel in the cabin, you can purchase transportation for it online at the same time when booking your flights. If there is availability on your flight, you will see the Pet in cabin option in the Travel extras step.

If you have already made a booking and decide to take your pet with you in the cabin, you can add your pet to your booking and pay the fee online via Manage booking.

Pets travelling in the hold

If your pet needs to travel in the hold of the aircraft, please make your booking online at least 7 days before the flight and then inform us about your pet without any delay (within 24h) via our chat service. Please, have at hand the dimensions of the pet carrier, as well as the total weight of the pet and the carrier. You will also get a payment link via the chat.

We do our best to confirm your pet booking within 2 days of making the reservation. For a pet travelling in the hold on flights to or from the USA, we aim to confirm the booking at the latest 2 weeks before your departure.

The minimum transfer time between flights when travelling with a pet in the hold is 3 hours. Please keep this in mind when making your booking. 

Assistance dogs

If you are travelling with an assistance or service dog, such as guide dog or hearing dog, please use the special assistance form to inform us at least 48 hours before departure. Find more information about travelling with an assistance dog.

Documents, vaccination and quarantines

Regulations regarding transporting pets and the required documents, vaccinations and quarantine times vary by country. We recommend that you consult the authorities of the country of departure and destination already before booking your flights.

A pet passport is mandatory for all cats, dogs and ferrets travelling between EU countries. You can purchase a pet passport from your vet. Further information about transporting pets to/from Finland is available on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Check-in for pets

When travelling with a pet, please check in for your flight at our check-in desk instead of using the self-service channels. The check-in process is similar for both pets travelling in the cabin and in the hold of the aircraft.

During check-in, we weigh your pet and check that the pet carrier or box fulfils the IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirements and is big enough for your pet. We will also go through all the necessary documents with you, including for example the pet passport, export/import/transfer permits and health and vaccination certificates.

You need to pay the pet transportation fee in advance; please use our chat service to get the payment link.

If your pet travels in the hold, we will take care of it after the check-in has been completed. To avoid keeping your pet in the hold of the aircraft any longer than necessary, your pet will only be taken there once all departure preparations have been done and the aircraft is ready to take off.

Security control

Pets will also need to go through the security check. If your pet travels with you in the cabin, you will take the pet through security control. For pets travelling in the hold, our staff will take them through security after check-in.

In the cabin with a pet

Small pets, such as cats, dogs or pet rabbits, can travel in the cabin. You can find instructions and tips below.

  • Your pet travels in its own pet carrier or box that is placed under the seat in front of you. The pet needs to stay in the carrier or box throughout the journey from the departure gate to the arrival terminal at your destination.
  • For cats, dogs and rabbits, a soft pet carrier is the most convenient choice, as it is flexible enough to fit under the seat in front of you and allows your pet to stand up and lie down comfortably. Please note that if we notice during check-in that the pet carrier is too small, we cannot accept your pet on the flight.
  • Please choose an IATA-approved pet carrier or box with a solid bottom. A soft pet carrier should be waterproof and have a breathable mesh at the front. Other types of soft bags may not be used for transporting pets. The total weight of the pet and its carrier may not exceed 8kg (17lb).
  • In one pet carrier or box, you can carry two adult pets or a maximum of three puppies that are not older than six months, given that the total weight does not exceed 8kg (17lb).
  • Please note that pets cannot travel in Business Class on our intercontinental flights, since there is not enough room under the full-flat seats.
  • Flying can be an exciting experience for pets. It is good to offer them food and water well in advance before the flight. However, feeding the pet just before the flight is not recommended, since flying can cause nausea for animals. You can also bring a diaper for your pet just in case. Most pets fall asleep on the aircraft. A familiar blanket often calms a restless pet.
  • When travelling with your pet, you will board the flight normally with the group mentioned in your boarding pass.
  • Customers with pets are usually seated in the rear of the aircraft.

Maximum measurements (length x width x height) for pet carriers in the cabin

Flights operated by Finnair

Flights operated by Norra

Soft pet carriers

55x40x23cm (22x16x9in)

55x40x20cm (21x15x8in)

Hard pet carriers

35x30x20cm (14x12x8in)

35x30x20cm (14x12x8in)

Pets travelling in the hold

Bigger pets that cannot travel in the cabin may travel in the hold of the aircraft on the same flight with you. However, if your pet and its container weigh over 75kg (165lb) on Finnair-operated flights or over 50kg (110lb) on Norra-operated flights, the pet can only be shipped as cargo.

The section in the hold, in which pets are carried has air-conditioning and is heated (being always above +10° Celsius). Due to fire safety requirements, there are no lights in the hold. Below you can find instructions and tips if your pet travels in the hold.

  • Please choose a transportation container that is meant for animal transportation. The transportation container needs to be large enough to allow your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably. Note that if we notice during check-in that the pet carrier is too small, we cannot accept your pet on the flight. Please check IATA's (International Air Transport Association) regulations for transportation containers. A pet weighing over 40kg (88lb) must be transported in a strong transportation box. Finnair does not sell or rent transportation containers.
  • In one container, you can transport two adult pets of comparable size or a maximum of three puppies that are not older than six months and are from the same litter. When transporting several pets in one container, the maximum weight for each pet is 14kg (30lb). Please note that some countries might have restrictions for transporting more than one pet in one transportation container.
  • Flying and travelling in the hold can be an exciting experience for pets. It is recommended to familiarise the pet with the container already in advance. Most animals relax and sleep in the dark. A familiar blanket may help your pet to calm down in the transportation container. Flying can cause nausea for some pets, so it is recommended to avoid feeding the pet just before the flight. IATA discourages the use of sedatives and tranquillisers for animals during transport.
  • Please note that the hold cannot be accessed during the flight.
  • After the flight, you will meet your pet in the arrival hall at the airport. Please show our agent the baggage receipt given to you at check-in. If you need any assistance, our ground crew at the airport arrival services will be happy to help you.
  • Please note that pets travelling in the aircraft hold don’t transfer automatically to connecting flights at Helsinki Airport as of 1 March 2020. When you have a connecting flight from Helsinki onwards, please collect your pet in the airport arrivals hall and check it in for your connecting flight in the airport departure hall.

Maximum measurements (length x width x height) for transportation containers by aircraft type

The allowed maximum size of the transportation container depends on the aircraft type you are travelling on. You can check the aircraft type of your flight when making the reservation on our website or later through Manage booking or Finnair app.

Aircraft type



E90 (Norra)

ATR (Norra)

Max. dimensions





Please note that the aircraft type on our European flights might change after you have made your reservation. Our customer service is happy to help you if you have any further questions or concerns regarding this.

Pet transportation fees

You will need to pay a fee for transporting pets, with the exception of guide dogs and duty dogs. The fee needs to be paid in advance while booking your flights or later via Manage booking. You can get the payment link for pets travelling in the hold via our chat service.

Below you can find pet transportation fees for Finnair flights (those operated by Finnair and bearing a Finnair flight number). 

Fees per flight

Flights within Europe

Intercontinental flights*

Pet in the cabin



Pet in the hold, maximum combined weight with the container 75 kg (Finnair) or 50kg (Norra) 



Pet as cargo

For details regarding pricing, see the Finnair Cargo website. Check the forwarding company for pricing.

*Including destinations in the Middle East

When departing from India, local taxes will be added to the fee.

Shipping pets as cargo

You can ship your pet as cargo with Finnair Cargo. To book the transportation, please contact a forwarding company.

If your pet is shipped as cargo, you will need to take the pet to a cargo terminal and pick it up from a cargo terminal at the destination. The collected fee depends on the size and weight of your pet and its container, among other things.

For more information about shipping pets as cargo, visit the Finnair Cargo website.

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