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Iberia operates our Barcelona and Madrid flights

Our Barcelona and Madrid flights are operated with an aircraft and crew from our oneworld partner Iberia.

On the flights operated by our oneworld partner Iberia, the entire crew, including flight crew and cabin, is from Iberia and they serve customers in English and Spanish. Finnair has collaborated with Iberia previously on these routes. Iberia's meal and beverage selection is available on the flights.

In Business Class, we serve you a 3-course meal with beverages. In Economy Class, you can enjoy complimentary water and juice. Please note that pre-order meals are not available for these flights and therefore, you may bring your own food for the flight. On flights to/from Madrid you may also buy refreshments and snacks from Iberia’s Onboard menu. Please note that on Barcelona flights the onboard menu is not available.

Iberia’s internet service is available for all customers on Madrid and Barcelona flights and the charge depends on the chosen wifi package. Read more about the internet service here.

When buying tickets through Finnair.com, the operating airline is shown on the “Select Flights page”. If you have any questions regarding your journey, please contact our customer service

You can check your passenger rights here.

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