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Here is how it works

Booking and check-in

  1. See the schedules and book your trip through our website or mobile app. You can also contact our customer service or your travel agent. You can only buy the bus connection together with a connecting flight.
  2. We recommend checking in for your flight in advance online or via the Finnair mobile app. Learn more about check-in in advance.

From Tampere or Turku to Helsinki Airport

  1. On the day of departure, hop on the bus at Turku or Tampere airport or bus station. Please show your boarding pass or flight ticket to the driver. The bus will take you to Helsinki Airport in around two hours.
  2. At Helsinki Airport, the bus arrives at the bus station. It is within a short walking distance from the renewed terminal building.
  3. Collect your baggage from the bus and proceed to bag drop. You can use the priority check-in and bag drop services.*
  4. You can use the priority security lane at the security check to get to your departure gate fast and easy.*

From Helsinki Airport to Tampere or Turku

  1. After your flight has landed at Helsinki Airport, follow the exit signs to the baggage hall to collect your baggage. You will receive your bags among the first customers.
  2. Proceed to the airport bus station. It is within a short walking distance from the arrival hall.
  3. Hop on the Finnair signed bus and show your boarding pass or flight ticket to the driver. The bus will take you to Turku or Tampere in approximately two hours. It will stop at the bus station before making its final stop at the airport.

Frequently asked questions

The price includes the bus (starting from €10 for one-way and €20 for a round trip) and flight tickets. Also, priority check-in and bag drop and priority security at Helsinki Airport are included if your connecting flight is operated by Finnair.

When connecting from a flight to the bus service, you will receive your checked baggage among the first customers at Helsinki Airport.

You will also earn Finnair Plus points for your journey.

Please note that you can buy the bus connection only with a connecting flight, not the bus ticket alone.

We have early morning flights available from Tampere and Turku to Helsinki, and late evening flights from Helsinki to Tampere and Turku.

The bus connection runs from Tampere and Turku to Helsinki and back during the daytime and early evening.

Yes, you can. Please contact our customer service to add the bus connection to your existing reservation. The easiest and fastest way to contact us is via chat.

We will re-route you to another flight to your destination as soon as possible if the bus service runs late and you miss your connecting flight because of that. Also, we will organise your transportation if you miss your bus connection due to your flight being late.

If you do not use the bus connection from Tampere or Turku for any reason, you can still travel on your connecting flight. Please note that we will not refund the unused part of the ticket if you choose not to use the bus connection included in your ticket.

The bus service runs from Turku and Tampere airports via the local bus stations to Helsinki Airport and back. 

At Helsinki Airport, the bus arrives and leaves from the bus station platforms 17 and 18 next to the renewed terminal building. 

We have planned the bus service to be as smooth and reliable as possible. The transfer time is typically around 60–90 minutes depending on the route and the connection.

There is a Wi-Fi connection on the bus. Unfortunately, we cannot serve meals or beverages on the bus.

No. You can select your seat freely on the bus.

Yes. You can access the bus stations and stops also with a wheelchair, for example. Please inform us in advance about your special needs so that we can serve you in the best possible way. Find out more about special assistance and health.

Small pets that are allowed in the aircraft cabin can also travel on the bus. The maximum combined weight of the pet and its carrier is 8kg (17lb). See further instructions about travelling with pets.

Please remember that you always need confirmation from us in advance when travelling with a pet.

Bigger pets that would go in the aircraft's hold cannot be transported in the bus.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the bus service for children travelling alone. We do not have the personnel to escort children on the bus or at Turku and Tampere airports or bus stations.

Combining different modes of transport can reduce the carbon footprint of travel. Finnair is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2045, and this option is part of our toolbox.

The bus connection is operated by our partner Korsisaari with high-quality coaches that run on 100% biodiesel. Even though our ATR aircraft used on the same routes are fuel-efficient and well suited for short distances, the passenger load on these flights has been typically uneven depending on the direction. This makes these routes much more inefficient in terms of emissions compared to our other network.

A smooth bus service with a guaranteed flight connection is also a good option for reducing one's carbon footprint for those customers who would otherwise arrive at the airport by car.

* Priority services (priority check-in, bag drop and security) are not included if the bus connection is combined with a codeshare flight operated by Finnair's partner airline. Find out what codeshare flights are.

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