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Questions about boarding? Our expert answers

Boarding a plane includes many phases from scanning the boarding card to finding the right place for your carry-on baggage. Some topics around boarding can also raise questions. We asked our airport customer process expert Niina Haahtikivi to answer some of them.

1. How is the order to board a plane determined?

Boarding a plane is determined according to the type of plane. This means that the order is not the same on all flights. The boarding is done in groups; you can see your group on your boarding pass.

The main principle is that the first group to board is pre-boarding customers, including children travelling alone, families with small children and customers requiring assistance. The next group to board is Business Class customers and Finnair Plus tier members. After this, the plane is boarded in boarding groups determined to suit that specific aircraft. 

2. Why is the plane boarded in groups and how do I know when it's my turn? 

The aircraft is boarded in groups so that the process is convenient and comfortable for everyone, and the aisle is not overcrowded. Boarding in groups also makes sure that the plane can take off on schedule. 

The number of your boarding group is shown on your boarding pass. The easiest way to keep the boarding pass on hand is to use the Finnair app. Our gate agent announces the groups when they are ready to board. If you are travelling with small children or require assistance, but your boarding pass does not show pre-boarding, you can always contact our staff members at the gate.

3. Is carry-on baggage measured and weighed at the gate?  

We make sure baggage allowances are followed in the departure hall and gate. For carry-on baggage, we monitor the weight, size and number of items. Extra baggage is subject to extra charges, and it will be checked and can't be taken in as carry-on baggage.

It is important to follow baggage allowances as extra or oversized baggage makes boarding slower and more difficult, ultimately affecting whether the flights can leave on schedule. It’s also good to note that we have updated our ticket types as of 1 June 2023.

4. Where should I place carry-on baggage? 

Stow your larger carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment. A smaller bag goes under the seat in front of you. Tax-free shopping should fit your overall baggage allowance, either the small bag under the seat or the larger baggage in the overhead compartment. Hang your coat on the hook on the seat in front, so it stays clean and uncreased. 


Make sure you take out all you need during the flight from the bigger bag before you board the plane. This makes boarding faster and minimises the need to open the bag during your flight. 

5. What format of boarding pass should I have, do I need to print it or is a QR code enough? 

The boarding pass doesn't need to be printed; a digital version is enough. To board the plane, you can just use the QR code, but the actual boarding pass shows boarding groups and times, so keep it safe. A good way is to use the Finnair app. You can of course also print the boarding pass either at home or in an airport machine.

The boarding passes are either checked at the gate manually or you will show the QR code on an eGate. 

6. How can I use the Finnair app for boarding? 

Finnair app makes travel easier even at boarding. It keeps your boarding pass safe and easy to use. The app also shows you your baggage allowance and boarding group. Through the app, you will also get information on your flight, such as when the gate opens or the departure time changes.

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