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From spontaneous takeoffs to carefully planned adventures - which Finnair ticket type should you choose for your trip?

Trying to figure out which of Finnair’s ticket types would be the best for your next trip? Valtteri Helve from our product offering team tells which things to consider when making the choice. 

“Which ticket you should choose depends on your needs. I recommend starting by choosing your preferred travel class. It defines the in-flight experience for your journey: the cabin you will travel in, the personal space you will have, and the drink and meal service during the flight. Then, pick the ticket type for your needs. The ticket types come with different flexibility for reservation changes and services included,” explains Valtteri Helve, Head of Product Offering at Finnair.

Finnair’s ticket types are Superlight/Light, Classic and Flex. For journeys within Europe, your options are Economy Superlight, Business Light, and, for both travel classes, Classic and Flex. For long-haul journeys, you can choose between Light, Classic, and Flex for all three travel classes, including Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class.

“When selecting the ticket type, the key thing to consider is the level of flexibility for reservation changes you need, as that is something you can’t add to your reservation later on. Baggage, seat selection, and many other services you can also add as travel extras after booking if they are not included in the ticket type you choose. You can easily check and purchase available travel extras via the Finnair app or Manage booking on our website,” says Valtteri.

“If you are booking your flight well ahead and travelling somewhere quite far away, having the option to change your travel dates can be very useful, and therefore a Classic ticket would be a good choice. Many of our customers like that it also includes both carry-on and checked baggage,” he says. Classic is Finnair’s most popular ticket type allowing travel date changes, and it includes a small bag, a carry-on bag, and a checked baggage.

“Business travellers appreciate full flexibility and often go for the Flex ticket. It is a safe choice for leisure travel as well if your schedule might change, or if there is a chance of the trip getting cancelled,” he continues. Flex is our most flexible ticket type, and it includes the possibility to change your travel dates or get a full refund in case you need to cancel your trip. Additionally, it includes a small bag, a carry-on bag, and a checked baggage, together with complimentary preferred and standard seat selection.

Business Class Classic and Flex tickets also include priority services at the airport, including lounge access. “If you prefer a ticket where a full set of services is included in the ticket, Business Flex is a great option,” adds Valtteri.

“For more spontaneous short trips or when your travel plans are set and you expect no changes, Superlight or Light ticket might work well for you,” Valtteri tips. Light and Superlight tickets are good when travelling light on a set schedule. Light ticket for long-haul journeys includes a small bag and a carry-on bag, whereas Superlight ticket for flights within Europe only comes with a small bag, and you can purchase a bigger carry-on bag as a travel extra if needed.

You can compare our different ticket types when booking your tickets or on the ticket types page. After purchasing your ticket, you’ll see services included in your ticket in Manage booking, where you can further tailor your trip with the travel extras.

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