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Automatic check-in

Save time before the departure of your flight and leave the check-in to us: if you have not done the check-in online, we will automatically do the check-in for you and send your boarding pass to your mobile phone.

If your flight departs before 2 p.m., you will receive the check-in confirmation between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. the previous evening. If your flight departs after 2 p.m., you will receive the confirmation in the morning between 7.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m.

How to register for automatic check-in

You can start using the service by adding your mobile phone number to your Finnair Plus profile. Please remember to update your mobile phone number if it changes.

You will also receive the service if you give your mobile phone number when making the reservation.

How to check in

  • You will receive a text message with the check-in confirmation including your seat number and a link to your mobile boarding pass.
  • If you want to change your seat or do the check-in for people travelling with you, you can easily do it using the link in the mobile boarding pass or online at the Finnair website. Check-in can also be modified at the Finnair self-service check-in kiosks at the airport (excluding London Heathrow and Copenhagen airports).
  • Open the mobile boarding pass before security check and use it as an identifier.
  • In order to use the mobile boarding pass, your phone must have a functioning internet connection. If not, please pick up a paper boarding pass from the Bag Drop desk at the airport.

Which flights does the service apply to?

Finnair operated flights departing from Finland, Sweden, most other countries in Europe and Hong Kong.


If you only have carry-on baggage you can go directly to the security check and then to your gate. If you have baggage to be checked in, simply leave it at the Bag Drop desk during the check-in period of your flight. See check-in times

At Helsinki Airport you can also leave your bags at the Self-service Bag Drop and make your way through the airport even faster.

Watch the video to see how to use the Bag Drop desks.

Self-service Bag Drop

There are Self-service Bag Drops at Helsinki and Oulu airports.

Print the bag tag at the self-service kiosk.

Go to the Self-service Bag Drop.

Place the tagged bag on the belt.

Scan your boarding pass.

Scan the bag tag with the hand-held scanner. Send the bag into the baggage system.