Our delayed, CANCELLED AND OVERBOOKED flights policy

Finnair is one of Europe’s most on-time airlines. Sometimes flights can, however, be delayed or cancelled altogether. Even in such situations, we never compromise the safety of our passengers or crew. As an airline based in an EU country, we comply with the regulation EC261/2004’s rules regarding the assistance and compensation to passengers in the event of disruptions.

We do our best to always inform our customers about the reason and duration of the disruption as well as its effects on the rest of the trip via SMS or email. In order to receive Finnair’s messages, please sign in on our website through the Manage booking service and check that the contact information attached to your booking is up-to-date.

Delayed flight

If the departure of your flight is delayed, we aim to inform you about the delay and the new departure time via SMS. If the delay is long, we will provide you with refreshments or a meal. In case the delay affects your connecting flight in Helsinki or at another airport, we will make all necessary arrangements to ensure that you will get to your original destination with as little inconvenience as possible. We also aim to inform you about the changes in your connecting flight(s) already during the flight, and the ground crew will make sure that the transition to your connecting flight goes fluently.

Cancelled flight

Sometimes a scheduled flight cannot be operated at all. If your flight is cancelled, Finnair will look for an alternative flight and itinerary that enable you to continue your trip as smoothly as possible. We inform our customers about the cancellations via SMS. If your flight is cancelled, you also have a chance to postpone your trip to another date in accordance with the validity of your ticket. Alternatively, you can get a refund for the unused ticket.

Hotel accommodation and ground transportation

If an alternative flight or other means of transportation are not available on the same day, we will seek to arrange a hotel accommodation for you in addition to refreshments and/or a meal, according to the situation and circumstances. We will try to arrange the accommodation near the airport, but sometimes, due to the lack of availability at the airport hotels, we need to book the accommodation a bit farther away. Instead of having to wait for the accommodation and flight, in some destinations it is possible for you to travel to your final destination by land. The Finnair ground crew will be happy to tell you about this option as well, so that you can continue your trip as conveniently as possible.


Like other airlines, we sometimes accept more bookings for our flights than there are seats on the aircraft, because of the likelihood of no-shows. Using historical data on each flight we are able to estimate the number of passengers who are likely to travel and it is rare for seats not to become available at departure. If it appears that the flight is very full, we look for volunteers to transfer to another flight already in the online check-in.

Volunteers are asked to arrive to the airport and to the boarding gate normally. The gate agent will tell customers whether there are seats on the original flight, and give information about alternative flights if necessary. In these circumstances we offer suitable compensation and customer care to those who are willing to be flexible with their travel plans.

Customer feedback

Flight disruptions and overbookings are also very challenging from a customer service perspective. We always strive to serve you to our best ability. However, if we fail to meet your expectations, and you wish to share your experiences or discuss compensation issues with us, you can send us your feedback through the feedback form. We continuously work to improve our customer service, and highly appreciate all customer feedback.