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You can use your points to purchase Finnair Plus award flights. In addition, your immediate family and persons in the same household may buy award flights using your points. Please remember that flight awards do not include taxes and passenger fees, so you’ll need to pay these charges separately.

There are two ways to purchase Finnair Plus award flights – using points only, or using a combination of money and points. If you want to use your Finnair Plus points to pay for your flight, just tick the Award flights box when making your reservation on our website.

Classic award flights

With a Classic award flight, you can use your Finnair Plus points to purchase return tickets for routes operated by Finnair. You can also use your points to book code-share flights that are operated in cooperation with another airline – however, in this case, certain additional restrictions apply. Classic awards are also available for one-way Finnair scheduled flights bound for Finland, northern Europe and other destinations in Europe.

Classic awards for return flights cost less if you book them through the Finnair website. Please remember that flight awards do not include taxes, passenger fees and other applicable surcharges, so you will need to pay these separately.

To book a Classic flight award, tick the Award flights box when making your reservation on our website and log in to your Finnair Plus account in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Your username is your Finnair Plus membership number without the AY prefix or spaces. If you have lost your password, you can order a new one in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Book a Classic flight award

Classic flight award

Any Seat reservations

One of the unique features of Finnair Plus is that it allows you to pay for flights using a combination of money and points – this is known as an Any Seat reservation. The great thing about Any Seat reservations is that they let you use your points whenever you book a trip, no matter how many you may have in your account. You choose what portion of the ticket price you pay using points and what portion you pay using money, so there’s no need to wait until you’ve saved enough points to cover the entire fare.

You can use the combination of money and points for any Finnair flight (provided that the flight is marked with an AY code) available on our website.

Booking an Any Seat flight using a combination of money and points

  1. Start booking flights as usual on our website.
  2. On the prices page, select the “Use points” link within the online booking system and log in with your Finnair Plus username and password.
  3. Choose how much of the fare you want to pay using points and how much using money.

Money and points offers

You can always find the current Money and points offers on the Offers page on our website. By ticking the Money and points offer box on the left hand sidebar you can hide all other offers. The combination of money and points in the Money and points offers is always predefined and cannot be changed. Money+Points offers are not eligible for Finnair Plus points accrual.

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Terms and restrictions of Classic award flights

  • Return flights must depart from and return to the same city. This does not apply to one-way award flights.
  • The point cost of an award flight is for one person only. Scheduled international flights include connecting flights in Finland.
  • Finnair Plus awards may only be used by Finnair Plus members, their close relatives and persons living in the same household.
  • Awards are only valid for Finnair flights (restrictions apply to code-share flights).
  • The customer is liable to pay all passenger fees, taxes and any surcharges relating to award flights.
  • Connections for award flights are always booked for the first possible flight. No stopovers are permitted.
  • The outgoing and return flights of a return award ticket may not be on the same day.
  • Customer can make changes with certain restrictions for the award flights.
  • One stopover is permitted on long-haul flights.
  • If the customer travels in multiple travel classes during an award journey, the cost of that award will calculated based on the highest travel class.
  • The corresponding number of points will be debited from the account when an award booking is made.
  • Awards may not be exchanged for money, nor may any two overlapping awards be taken together.
  • No compensation or refund will be paid for lost, stolen or unused tickets or vouchers.
  • The Finnair Plus Junior discount does not apply to one-way award flights.
  • The number of seats available with award flight booking classes is limited.
  • It is not possible to book awards for certain times and routes.

For more information about purchasing and using award flights, please see:

Finnair Plus rules


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