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Family travel preparations

In this page, you can find useful information and links about our meal service including pre-order meals, seats, baggage regulations, children travelling alone and required travel documents.

Pre-order meals for kids

Depending on your destination and travel class, our onboard meal service concept varies. To ease your travel experience and to make sure your child gets the tastiest meal on board, you can pre-order a meal in advance. Depending on your destination, our pre-order selection ranges from delicious sandwiches to dedicated Kid’s meals and a savoury Burger Feast meal. You can pre-order meals in Manage booking or in the Finnair App.

Pre-order meals

Booking seats

We always make sure that children sit next to one of their parents during the flight. However, we can’t guarantee that the whole family is seated next to each other. If you want to ensure seats next to each other for all family members, we recommend you select and purchase your seats in advance in Manage booking or in the Finnair App.

All Finnair intercontinental flights have some baby bassinets on them. In order to use a baby bassinet, please reserve a seat suitable for a bassinet via Manage booking or in the Finnair App. If you have bought your flights or holiday package from a tour operator, you can still purchase your seat in Manage booking or in the Finnair App.

Please note that if you want your 0–2-year-old child to travel on a separate seat and have more space on board for your family, you can book a ticket for an infant through our Customer Care.

Book seats

Allowed baggage and buying extra baggage

Sometimes extra baggage may be needed when travelling with a family. You can purchase extra baggage in advance in Manage booking or in the Finnair App.

Checked baggage

Children’s tickets include the same baggage allowance for checked baggage as adults in the same travel class. Infants (0–2 years old)  have no carry-on allowance but can have one piece of checked baggage when travelling with the Classic or Flex ticket type. Please note the Light ticket type has no baggage allowance. Regardless of travel class, checked baggage for infants has a maximum weight of 23kg (50lb).  In addition, children and infants are always allowed to have a foldable pushchair and safety seat, even when travelling with an Economy Light ticket that does not include checked baggage.

Larger pushchairs are carried as checked baggage free of charge. If your pushchair can be disassembled, you should separate it into two parts. Please pack each part in plastic bags or some other form of protection. There are thin plastic bags to protect your baby’s pushchair available at the check-in desk at Helsinki Airport.

Carry-on baggage

The carry-on baggage allowance is the same for children’s tickets as it is for adults’ tickets. However, infants without a reserved seat do not have their own carry-on baggage allowance, except for a foldable pushchair and a safety seat. You may also bring enough baby milk and baby food into the cabin for the whole journey.

A foldable pushchair can be brought into the cabin if it doesn’t exceed the size and weight limits for carry-on baggage. It is then considered as part of the carry-on allowance. In this case, the pushchair is counted as one piece of carry-on baggage and in addition to it, you may only bring a small personal item into the cabin (handbag or small laptop bag), which should be placed under the seat in front of you.

Purchase extra baggage

Children travelling alone

Finnair offers a guidance service for children travelling alone. If you cannot accompany your child on board the flight, we make sure to take care of him or her all the way from the departure airport to the destination airport. The guidance service for children travelling alone is mandatory for 5–11-year-old children and also available for 12–17-year-old adolescents travelling alone on Finnair flights.

Travel documents

Depending on the destination, all travellers including children and infants, need either a passport or other type of identification for their journey. Other required travel documents vary depending on the destination country. If your child is travelling alone or in the company of only one parent or guardian, some countries may require a travel consent from parents or guardians. Read more about travel documents and see an example of a consent letter (PDF).

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