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Our commitments

Becoming carbon neutral in 2045

Our long-term target is to be carbon neutral in 2045. To get the ball rolling here and now, we have also set a milestone for 2025 – to cut our emissions by half.

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Sustainable products and processes

We keep sustainability in mind in decisions regarding our products, services and partnerships. It is a key driver from planning to production and ultimately upcycling.

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Bridging the world and people

We wish to contribute to a better understanding between people and cultures. Equality, diversity and non-discrimination are the fundamentals of our relationships with the customers and employees.

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Where to find out more?

For a more in-depth overview of our actions so far, read the annual sustainability report.

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Be sure to also check out our sustainability-themed section in Blue Wings magazine.

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Your simple steps towards more sustainable travel

In aviation, even the smallest things have a real impact. When reading through the tips below, you'll see that there's something in every stage of your journey you can do too. We thank you for flying with us and choosing to do it sustainably.

Planning your trip

  • ​Choose a direct route or one that is as short as possible. You can combine different forms of transit, for example with our bus connection for Tampere and Turku. Did you know that flying via Helsinki is one of the shortest routes for you to travel between Asia and Europe? It means fewer emissions to get to your destination.
  • Take time to check which airlines have a modern and fuel-efficient fleet and book your flights with them. Fuel efficiency is one of the most important ways to decrease the environmental impact of aviation. Get to know the Finnair fleet and read more on fuel-efficient flights from Blue Wings.

Preparing for the journey

  • Pack light as every kilogram on board counts and has an impact on fuel burn. Did you know that if every Finnair passenger had travelled with one kilogram less luggage in 2018, the fuel savings would have covered 20 flights from Helsinki to Tokyo? By reducing the weight of your baggage by 5kg, you reduce your carbon footprint by about 5% and contribute to sustainable travel more than one would imagine. Check out our cabin crew tips for packing smart.
  • Pre-order a meal and other products for your next flight. This helps us to reserve the optimal amount of meals and products onboard, which ultimately leads to less food waste and reduces the weight of the aircraft.​
    • On flights where we serve complimentary meals, please let us know about your special diet in advance so we can have just the right meal for you and no meals go to waste.​
    • Consider choosing a vegetarian option on your next flight. We are introducing more vegetarian meal options in the future.​
  • Bring your reusable water bottle with you to avoid having to buy and use single-use bottles at the airport as well as on your trip. In our hub Helsinki Airport, you will find several taps to fill your bottle with drinking water for free. Just remember the bottle must be empty in the security check.
  • Bring your own headphones with a standard audio connector when flying on our long-haul flights. This little act can help reduce plastic waste.​
  • If possible, instead of printing, prefer paperless digital solutions like the Finnair app. On the Finnair app, after checking in online, you can access your mobile boarding pass and the digital Finnair Plus card without an internet connection. Just make sure to double-check that the airport you are passing through accepts mobile boarding passes – like our hub Helsinki Airport does.

Getting to the airport

  • Sustainable travel starts when you step out of the house and start heading to the airport. Favour public transport to connect to the airport.
  • Be on time so the flight can depart on time. Punctuality is essential to ensure safe and smooth air traffic, but catching up one minute in the air requires burning 100kg of extra fuel.

During the flight

  • Consider using the same water, juice or coffee cup for a refill. It helps us reduce waste on board.​
  • If you have your headphones with you, use them instead of the disposable ones you can find at your seat on our long-haul flights.

Finnair Plus

  • You can also contribute to sustainability not only during but after travels. Donate your Avios to help the cause of a charity organisation of your choice. See the options in Finnair Shop
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