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Product terms and conditions

Terms and conditions, Finnair Cancellation Cover

Finnair Cancellation Cover allows you to cancel your flight and apply for a refund in case you cannot travel due to sudden sickness or accident to you or a close family member. 

Cancellation Cover applies to the original flight fare and any additional travel extras provided by Finnair for those passengers that are not able to travel. If the sickness or accident occurs after the departure flight, the Cancellation Cover covers the price of the return flight or the equivalent amount of the total flight fare. 

The imperative nature of the cancellation is always assessed based on medical reasons. Please note that you must provide a valid medical certificate along with the refund application form.

  • A close family member can be a married spouse, a common-law spouse, one’s own or spouse’s children, one’s own parents, siblings and grandparents or spouse’s parents, siblings and grandparents.
  • Cancellation Cover can only be purchased together with the flight booking; it cannot be purchased separately for a previously made booking.
  • Cancellation Cover is not available for Finnair Classic award flights.
  • Cancellation Cover will not cover pregnancy-related cancellations after the 36th week of pregnancy.
  • Cancellation Cover does not make it possible to get a refund for the flight ticket price simply because the passenger does not want to travel.
  • Cancellation Cover will not cover the cancelled trip in those respects that will be covered by some other party, such as insurance, employer or another third party.
  • Finnair Cancellation Cover is not an insurance but a paid extra service for a flight ticket. Insurance legislation will not be applied to Cancellation Cover.
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