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Santorini – a splash of colour on your holidays

What first comes into your mind when thinking of Santorini? Maybe a vivid contrast of whitewashed villas and blue sea, sheer cliffs spilling down the rim of the caldera, pastel coloured sunsets or wholesome Greek cuisine? Santorini, one of the most beloved Greek islands, lives up to all these expectations and provides the experiences beyond!

We have listed some ideas for your unique Santorini experience – from checking off must-do activities to peeking inside the hidden gems. Read on to get into the holiday mood.

6 things to do for taking in colourful Santorini to the fullest

Hike on the caldera rim along the deep blue Aegean Sea

If you want to get an idea of how big the volcanic eruption was that created Santorini, go for a hike along the curvy edge of the caldera. For example, a clifftop walk between the villages of Fira and Oia will gift you jaw-dropping views of the cliffside with the white waves dashing against it.

Admire the beautiful shades of Red beach

The darkish red cliffsides blending with turquoise water in Red beach create an outstanding view. Although going down the cliff is not allowed due to the possible landslides, you won't regret visiting and enjoying the splendid landscape. The rich marine life makes Red Beach a great place for snorkelling after you are done with admiring the view and the unique shades of red.

Pass through the ancient settlement of Akrotiri

Near Red beach, the Bronze Age settlement of Akrotiri allows you to imagine the glorious life of Minoan citizens. Covered by ashes from the volcanic explosion, it's surprisingly well-preserved which gives it the nickname, Greek Pompeii. Being one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece, this historical site is worth a visit.

Explore Nea Kameni with its hot spring

A holiday in Santorini isn’t complete without a boat trip across the bright blue ocean, and a good destination is an adjacent islet, Nea Kameni, encircled by a hot spring! You can hike up to the active volcano and appreciate Santorini's caldera from a different angle. Then, soak yourself in the therapeutic hot spring.

Applaud the sunset (or sunrise) in Oia

Among many things that deserve an ovation is a sunset. Sunsets in Santorini with their sublime orange-pink reflection on the white walls are one of the travellers' favourites. Being a town perched atop the island's northwesternmost cliff, Oia has been the best place to relish them and is always bustling with admirers. If you prefer serenity, we recommend dropping by here early morning for the sunrise which is just as magical.

Taste fava bean and white eggplant dishes and finishing off with Vinsanto

Enjoying fresh and healthy food is easy in Santorini. You can try trademark cuisines with white eggplants that grow only in the rich volcanic soil and fava bean puree with enriching flavours. Top up your meal with Vinsanto, the dessert wine produced in Santorini's centuries-old winemaking tradition.

Book your flights to Santorini now and get ready to take some of those unforgettable colours with you in your precious memories and photographs! 

You can conveniently reach Santorini with Finnair and oneworld alliance members' extensive route network.

Santorini (Thira) National Airport (JTR)

The airport is located 5km northwest of Fira, the capital of Santorini. 

Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times.

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