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Safe travel during coronavirus

Coronavirus testing

Are you planning to travel and need a certificate proving you are fit to travel? Some countries require a negative coronavirus test result and a certificate from passengers arriving in the country.

We want to ensure you easy access to testing services at a discounted price and have partnered with private Finnish healthcare service company Terveystalo. You can start your journey with peace of mind, as you are provided with an adequate test and a certificate that fulfils your destination country’s requirements.

You can also choose a test-only option and have your test result through the Oma Terveys service immediately after the result is ready. This option serves for example Finnish nationals, who return home from a high-risk country as of 1 October and want to shorten the 14-day quarantine by getting tested after arrival.

PCR test from nose and throat used by Terveystalo meets the international quality standards. This method is the most accepted coronavirus test around the world.

The benefits you get

  • Peace of mind: You know you are not carrying coronavirus without symptoms and will receive a traveller’s coronavirus certificate required by your destination country.
  • Speedy service: We guarantee that your test result and certificate are ready in a timely manner considering the destination requirements. Please book your appointment in good time before your travel. Testing is fast through Terveystalo’s wide network and the waiting time for the result is minimised. In the capital area of Finland, you will receive your result in 24 hours from testing and elsewhere in Finland in 36 hours on average.
  • Discounted price: You will get a discount of -10% from the normal Terveystalo PCR test price. As a Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum or Gold member your discount is even more, -15%.
  • Payment with Finnair Plus points: You can use your Finnair Plus points to pay for the testing.

The service is available for your as of 28 September 2020.

Please do this to use the service

  1. Proceed to Terveystalo online service, and select a test and a certificate or a test-only option.
  2. For a test and a certificate, you will chat with a Terveystalo specialist. Please prepare to tell about your destination and travel time, for example. When you choose the test-only option, please give your information to Terveystalo’s chatbot Terveysbotti.
  3. The Terveystalo specialist will book your appointment to ensure your test is taken and the result is ready in a timely manner. Choose the clinic that best suits you from Terveystalo’s network.
  4. Visit the clinic for testing following the given instructions.
  5. Please pay the test at the clinic. As a Finnair customer, you will receive 10% discount. To receive the 15% tier discount, please prove your membership with your Finnair Plus card or Finnair app.
  6. Your waiting time for results is minimised. You will receive an SMS after your result is ready, and you will see the result via Oma Terveys service.
  7. You will receive the certificate electronically through Oma Terveys service or an encrypted email. If you need a signed and stamped copy, you can pick it up from the Terveystalo service point you chose during the chat.
  8. In case you are unable to use the online service and go through the required strong identification, you can call to +358 (0)30 633 9530. The charge is 8,35 cent/call + 3,20 cent/min. From a mobile phone 8,35 cent/call + 19,33 cent/min.

Speedy service across Finland

It varies between countries how recent the test result needs to be. Please consult the Terveystalo specialist about your destination country’s requirement when booking your appointment. It is good to notice that travel requirements may change, and it is important that you follow the requirements in your destination closely, as it is always the traveller’s responsibility.

You can choose the testing location that best suits you from Terveystalo’s wide network across Finland, and you have access to speedy service.

Your waiting time for the result and the certificate is minimised. You will get your result in 24 hours from the testing in the capital area and in 36 hours on average elsewhere in Finland.

Discounted price

As a Finnair customer you will get a discount of -10% from the normal Terveystalo PCR coronavirus test. As a Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum or Gold member your discount is even more, -15%. To get the -15% discount, please prove your membership when paying the service at the clinic. You can check the prices here.

Buying the service with Finnair Plus points will be available later this autumn.

Please note that you can obtain a fit to travel certificate from any chosen service provider, as long as the certificate fulfils the requirements of your destination country.

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