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Finnair and Makia's AY 100 collaboration combines the essence of both brands

The collaboration collection between the popular Finnish clothing brand Makia and Finnair is now being released as part of Finnair's 100th-anniversary celebration. The capsule collection's clothing boldly blends elements from the airline's history and makes modern-day travel comfortable.

The collaboration between Finnair and Makia was a well-developed partnership that took time to mature, and teams from both companies worked closely together.

- Ideas and concepts were bounced around with an open mind, and a common theme was found easily. We were delighted that Finnair, as a large, long-standing player, was so bold and flexible in pushing the boundaries of its brand, describes Jesse Hyväri, Makia's head designer.

According to Hyväri, the result embodies the idea of the best collaboration collections: the recognizability of both brands has been preserved, but the combination creates something entirely new.

The design ideas were based on Finnair's history. Makia's design team examined aspects such as advertising campaigns and staff uniforms.

- We found both classic elements from the attire of the flight crew and a workwear vibe from the ground staff. We played with the combo of a more formal and a worker-garment feel. This is also one of the pillars of our brand because we call our genre casual streetwear, mentions Hyväri.

Additionally, Makia wanted the clothes designed for Finnair to be suitable for travel and practical for everyday use. These ideas resulted in the capsule collection AY 100, whose products are easy to mix and match with your favourite clothes. As a unisex collection, its products are suitable for everyone.

Clothes that make flying more enjoyable

The collection’s highlight is the Finnair Jacket, a winter coat based on Makia's all-time best-selling women's jacket. Its sizing has been adjusted to fit men as well.

The goal was to keep the jacket understated but add small distinctive details. The most attention-grabbing prints are on the inside of the jacket. Additionally, the jacket features familiar elements from the 70s, such as the aeroplane's F-tail logo and the HEL airport code.

- The jacket is oversized, and you can make it your sleeping spot on the plane. When folded, the plush jacket can be used as a pillow or cushion. We also thought that when returning from a warm destination, the jacket should be thick enough to wear over shorts and sandals on the way back home, describes Hyväri.

Another item that makes travel smoother is the cotton Finnair Vest, with its spacious seat pockets where you can store necessary electronics or a notepad during the flight. Its back is adorned with a metallic embroidered wing logo.

The collection's basics include Long Sleeve shirts with playful prints in a few different colours and Finnair Pants.

- We wanted to keep the pants as a very approachable product, without many graphic elements. We focused on comfort and room to move between sizes with the selected material and a flexible waistband, Hyväri explains.

Makia is also known for its hats. Finnair's collection includes the stylish Wool Cap, inspired by the pilot's hat, with the wing logo as a fabric patch.

- Furthermore, a longstanding Makia product has been the merino wool beanie made by us from the very beginning. The Finnair Beanie and F Beanie are made from Italian merino wool in Finland. The F Beanie is fluorescent yellow and references ground staff clothing, says Hyväri.

Both brands share the same values

Timeless design, product durability, and longevity are essential to both Finnair and Makia.

- For example, in the jacket, all outer materials, lining, and padding are recycled polyester. Our shirts are made from certified organic cotton, notes Hyväri.

According to Hyväri, the expectations after the collection's completion are excited.

- It has been fantastic to see that a legendary brand has shown great trust in us, and it's always refreshing when things can be done in a new way, summarises Hyväri.

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