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Five baggage tips for winter holidays

Many of us tend to take more baggage than usual on Christmas and winter travels. We might even pack some unusual items. Are you wondering how to pack your skis or ski wax? We collected five tips to help you and your baggage start your winter travels smoothly.

“Well planned is half done” applies also with baggage. You can make your travel day smoother by checking tips and instructions before packing and reserving enough time to manage the baggage. It is also a good idea to add your contact information to your baggage – even inside of it.

Check your baggage allowance

It pays off to start packing by checking your baggage allowance. The allowance depends on your ticket type, travel class, route and also Finnair Plus tier. You can check your baggage allowance from your e-ticket. For example, 1 PC means one checked baggage. All travellers on Finnair flights can also take a carry-on bag with them.

In case you need to take more bags with you, we recommend purchasing any extra baggage for a reduced price in advance via Manage booking or Finnair mobile app.

Pay attention to restricted items

”We also ask you to check baggage related restrictions before packing. If you are carrying Christmas presents with batteries, extra caution is needed. For example, lithium batteries can be carried with restrictions and we ask you to them into your carry-on baggage,” Tuula Ihamäki from Finnair’s Ground Experience team says.

”During the holiday season our customers also carry many kinds of Christmas delicacies, and it might come as a surprise that some of them, like the traditional Finnish rutabaga casserole, are defined as liquids. It means they can’t be placed in the carry-ons. On the other hand, perishable food should not be packed in the checked baggage.”

If you are planning to go skiing on your holiday and are packing ski wax with you, pay special attention, as carrying it is limited.

On the Finavia website, you can check which items you can carry and how they should be packed. Try the tool here.

Pack carry-on bags light and tight

To make your flight as smooth and comfortable as possible for you and everyone else on board, it pays off to pack the carry-on baggage light and tight and bring only the necessary items with you into the cabin.

“Especially during the winter season when many are travelling with winter coats and with more baggage in general, the limited space for carry-on baggage onboard our aircraft tends to fill up or even run out entirely. During the holiday season, we also see lots of bags with presents onboard. We recommend placing presents primarily in the checked baggage, of course keeping in mind possible restrictions,” Tuula Ihamäki advises.

Smooth with skis

Are you planning to ski on your holiday? Sometimes the most care-free option might be to rent skiing equipment at the destination. With these tips, however, travelling with your skis will go smoother.

When you pack your skis or snowboard, shoes, poles and helmet in one bag, it is considered as one piece of baggage. Please ensure that your bag weighs a maximum of 23 kg and is no longer than 220 cm – for any oversized or overweight baggage you need to pay extra. You can carry your equipment as part of your baggage allowance when the bag fits in the size limits and in the allowed number of bags. Normally you can carry skiing equipment that is within your baggage allowance without informing us in advance.

Want to carry your skiing equipment as extra baggage? We recommend purchasing it in advance at a lower price online through Manage booking or via Finnair mobile app.

Bring your bags to the airport the day before

We advise you to check-in for your flight in advance online or via the Finnair app – it saves time at the airport. At Helsinki Airport, it is easy to leave bags at self-service bag drop, after you’ve printed your bag tag from one of the check-in kiosks. Please place your skis on the special bag drop next to the regular bag drop.

The new terminal at Helsinki Airport opened in December 2022, and you arrive at the airport through the new, beautiful entrance. Easy to use check-in kiosks and bag drop desks are at your service in the new departure hall.

”You can make your travel day easier by bringing your baggage to Helsinki Airport already the evening before at 6 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. One family member can bring the whole family’s bags, provided that they have everyone’s flight tickets and travel documents. On the day of departure, you can then go directly to your boarding gate via security,” tells Ihamäki.

During high season, we ask you to arrive at the airport well in advance before the departure, which says a minimum of 2-3 hours before depending on your destination. You will then have time for last-minute shopping or for sitting back to enjoy the holiday spirit at the airport.

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