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Experience multiple holidays in one with island hopping in Greece

There are hundreds of stunning islands dotted across the Aegean and Ionian seas. The best way to explore them is on an island-hopping adventure. With Finnair's one-way flights you can plan your route easily by choosing a different start and end point to your trip.

How to plan your trip

Think about how much time you have for your trip and choose the number of islands to explore based on that. Even though some of the distances between the islands are very short, you do not want to travel every single day. Consider having at least two days on each island to make the most of it.

When you have a rough idea of how many places to visit, choose your start destination and the islands that you definitely want to stay on. If some of the distances between them look quite long, think of adding an extra island here and there. Once you know your start and end destinations, book your Finnair one-way flights.

To hop between islands, the easiest solution is to use local ferries. They are reliable, cheap, and fast. Check out Ferry Scanner that shows you options with all the ferry companies. You might want to book some of these tickets in advance. Also make sure you book your accommodation beforehand if you are travelling during peak season, especially to the most popular islands such as Santorini, Kos, and Corfu. During off-season, you can usually find accommodation on arrival.


Choose your perfect islands

The Greek islands all have their very own character and to get the greatest experience, consider choosing a varied mix. Pick islands that are popular and authentic, big and small, bustling and quiet.

Santorini is the one island most travellers will try to see, and no wonder. The island is known for its high altitudes, incredible scenery over the turquoise sea, white villas, and some of the best sunsets in the world. Santorini is also a popular cruise and honeymoon destination, so crowds and tourist price tags can't be avoided - especially in the cities of Thera and Oia.

Kos, near the coast of Turkey, is another favourite. It is a great beach holiday destination and suits families well.  As a historically important island it also has many archeological sites and pretty, traditional-style towns.

Rhodes on the other hand is great if you are looking for action and activities. In addition to beaches and historic sites, it has a vibrant restaurant scene and nightlife. There are also a lot of options for day trips on the island, from wineries to water sports.


Greek’s largest Island, Crete, offers something for everyone. Visit Elafonissi Beach to discover its pink-hued sand, explore the Palace of Knossos to travel back in time to Minoan civilization, hike the Samaria Gorge National Park and taste the local specialty, thyme honey. Chania is a great choice for families, while you’ll find architecture, art, and culture in Heraklion.

Make sure to include some of the smaller islands on your itinerary too. If you are looking for the ultimate quaint village experience a good option is Paros. It has the perfect, white-washed houses, tiny tavernas and shaded alleyways you would expect. The nearby Naxos has chilled beachside, fishing village vibes as well as some of the best real Greek food you will eat anywhere.

If you would rather have a sense of exclusive luxury, check out the islands of Mykonos and Ios. Both attract flocks of celebrities and have lots of options for high-end accommodation, fancy restaurants, and glittering night life.

Small tips and hints

Make sure you pack light, even if planning to get taxis around. Moving in and out of the ferries as well as accommodation means that you can't avoid carrying your luggage altogether. A good backpack and a minimalist wardrobe will be your best bets.

Be at the ferry port on time. The ferries tend to be punctual, and the guards have no mercy if you show up too late, so give yourself some extra time to get onboard. Also note that there can be surprises on the way, such as a steep descend to the port. What looks like a short stroll on the map, could require a bit more time and effort.

To experience the best beaches, accommodation, or restaurants, it is usually a good idea to wander away of the busiest tourist crowds. You can often find a lovely, private swimming cove if you walk an extra couple of metres along the shoreline. Also, the most wonderful meals you can have outside the city centre, where the local cooks often make you a daily seasonal offering without a menu in sight.

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