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Air Traffic User Service Plan (Korea)

Posts the service plan as follows in accordance with the sub-implemented "Air Traffic User Protection Standards" on 20 July 2016.

1. In the event of a denial of boarding due to over-sale.

In the event that a flight departing from an airport in South Korea is expected to be rejected due to over-sale, the flight will be voluntarily cancelled to minimize involuntary flight cancellations. 

Subsequent passengers who are not allowed to board will be indemnified in accordance with "Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards."

2. In the event of baggage damage

The loss or damage caused by loss or damage of the consigned baggage shall be liable if the fact caused the damage occurs on the aircraft or during the period during which the consigned baggage is under the control of the fin air. However, the damage shall not be held liable if it is caused by a unique defect, special nature, or a hidden defect in the consignment.  

Damage caused by loss or damage of carry-on baggage shall be liable only if the damage is caused by the intentional or negligence of the person or agent.   

Loss of baggage or damage caused by damage is liable to the extent specified by the Convention or the National Act. However, if the customer reports the expected value of delivery from the destination when delivering the consigned baggage to the finer, the customer will be responsible for the reported value to the limit unless they prove that the consigned baggage exceeds the actual value of delivery from the destination. 

You will be responsible for any damages caused by delayed luggage. However, it shall not be held liable if it proves that all reasonably required actions have been taken to prevent damage to the fin air and its users and agents, or that such actions were not possible.

3. Announcement of cancellation, refund and change of air ticket

In the event of selling tickets in Korea, the company provides the customer with the cost of cancelling, returning or changing the tickets, the exemption of expenses, and the duration of cancellation, refund or change of the tickets.

4. Action in case of delay in moving area (tarmac)

We will not delay in moving area for more than 3 hours for domestic transport and 4 hours for international transport with customers on board. However, unless the captain determines that there are safety or security reasons, such as weather conditions that require the aircraft to be put on standby in the aircraft's travel area, instructions from the government agency, or that returning to the gate or taking passengers outside the gate could cause major disruption to airport operations.  
If the delay in the mobile area lasts more than 2 hours, we will provide the appropriate food for the passengers on board. However, this is not the case where such services can pose a safety or security threat.  

If there is a delay in the travel area, we will inform the passenger of the reason and progress of the delay every 30 minutes.  

We will use human and physical resources to implement contingency plans for delays in mobile areas.

5. Actions to change after the ticket sale

After selling tickets departing from Korea, we will notify the reserved customers of the changes by text message transmission, e-mail, or equivalent by mobile phone if they fail to operate according to the planned flight plan at the time of the ticket sale due to change of business plan, non-compliance with the government's business plan, delay (over 30 minutes), or cancellation. However, if the customer's contact information is known, and if the departure time is approaching (within 30 minutes of domestic flights and an hour of international flights), the information will be sent to the airport.  

In addition, except for the changes made on the day, we will post the changes according to paragraph 5.1. on the website.

6. Information provision

In case tickets are sold in Korea, we notify you of the baggage charges and free permissible weight or number of tickets through the e-ticket confirmation certificate and Finnair website. 

When tickets are sold in Korea through joint operation, we notify the e-Ticket receipt of information on the actual airplane boarding, the fact that there may be a difference in fares between the seller and the carrier, the airlines handling boarding procedures, and the baggage policy that is applied in practice.  
An in-flight layout with information on the seating and emergency exit locations of the aircraft is posted on the Internet homepage. 

If there is a change in baggage charges or a policy change regarding the amount of free baggage allowance, we will post the change on our website for at least three months.

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