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Can I book a seat in advance? Do I have to pay for it?

Yes, you can select a seat in advance for an extra fee when travelling in Economy Class. Charges depend on the selected seat type, your ticket type, the length of your flight and your frequent flyer status.  

You can reserve your seat in advance when reserving your flight or afterwards via the Manage booking page. You can use the service for flights operated and marketed by Finnair. If you are travelling on a flight operated by Finnair but your ticket has been issued by another airline, please contact our customer service or choose your seat at check-in.

If you prefer not to pay for the seats, you can choose a standard seat free of charge from those that are still available at the time of check-in. Online check-in opens 36 h before departure. For flights to the USA, check-in opens 24 hours before departure.

If you are travelling with children and you decide not to reserve seats in advance, the system will make sure each child (under 12) is seated at least with one adult from your group.

How to change a reserved seat?

In case you have reserved a paid seat and you change your flight times or dates in accordance with your fare rules on, you need to reserve a paid seat again on the new flight. You may then apply for a refund of the costs of the paid seat on the original flight via the refund form or by contacting our customer service

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